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When it comes to living authentically, it’s hard to be “at ease.” Without purpose, physical and mental dis-ease can set in, leading to heart attacks, strokes, premature death, and a host of mental illnesses. But with purpose, all things become endurable and prosperity is possible.

In this session, we’ll discuss the “flirt with purpose” exercise to immediately up-level your life quality, the “mini Einstein” exercise to get more joy out of each hour of your day, and how to use “linguistic judo” to better shape your actions to your purpose. We’ll also explore the concept of micro-purposes to get results while you work out your true purpose, the MEGA MODEL – the ultimate purpose-unconvering exercise, and how to tap into purpose hall-of-famers to draw inspiration to your own purpose. Additionally, we’ll discuss the biggest mistake people make when trying to find their purpose and what to do instead, and the 10 sources of purpose.

The “flirt with purpose” exercise is an easy way to start to get in touch with what matters to you, and to start to make decisions based on that. This can mean anything from living a more eco-friendly life, dedicating yourself to a cause, or even taking up a new hobby that aligns with your purpose. It’s a great way to start to uncover your wants, needs, and desires, and to explore what you truly care about.

The “mini Einstein” exercise is a great way to make the most of each hour of your day. It involves taking a few moments to reflect on what you did in the past hour and setting a mini goal for the next hour, such as spending fifteen minutes doing something that aligns with your purpose. This ensures that the time you spend each day is in pursuit of something meaningful.

By utilizing “linguistic judo,” you can better shape your decisions and actions to be in alignment with your purpose. This means using words that are positive and proactive, and not letting negative language get in the way of your goals. For example, instead of saying “I don’t have time” to do something, try saying “I’m putting my time towards something that matters more to me.” This way, you can stay true to your purpose while still making time for the things that matter to you.

Micro-purposes are great for when you’re trying to figure out your true purpose. These are smaller goals that you set for yourself in order to stay on track while still giving yourself the time and space to explore your true purpose. For example, you might set a goal of volunteering for a few hours a week, or writing for a few hours each day. These micro-purposes will help keep you on track while you work out your true purpose.

The MEGA MODEL is an amazing exercise for uncovering your purpose. It involves asking yourself a series of questions that help you to explore what truly matters to you, and what kind of life you want to live. This exercise will help you to identify the values, beliefs, and goals that make up your purpose, and will give you an actionable plan for achieving those goals.

You can also draw inspiration from purpose hall-of-famers who have achieved incredible things through their dedication to their purpose. These role models can help to remind you of the power of purpose, and can inspire you to stay focused on what truly matters to you.

However, it’s important to avoid the common mistake of trying to find your purpose through comparison. Instead of comparing yourself to others and trying to figure out what they have achieved, focus on your own purpose and what you want and need to achieve.

Finally, there are 10 sources of purpose to draw inspiration and guidance from. These include religion and spirituality, relationships, work, leisure, creativity, health and wellness, and more. Each of these sources can help you to find your purpose, and can provide guidance and support as you work out what matters to you.

Finding your purpose is a powerful and transformative experience, and it can help you to achieve a greater level of ease and contentment in your life. With the right tools and exercises, you can begin to work out your purpose and start to live a life that is true to yourself.




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