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Do you work in the creative industry and want to grow your company? Do you aspire to work just 1-2 full days a week, have a full calendar, and make $10k+ each month? Look no farther than Design Intensives, the ground-breaking service that will transform the client experience and exponentially increase your revenue.

So, what exactly do Design Intensives offer?

1. Say good-bye to doubt and welcome to confidence in my sales pitch and call script. You can easily persuade the correct customers that Design Intensives are the best option for them by using my tested sales pitch and call script. There will be no more hesitance or second-guessing; only efficient, streamlined communication.

2. The Mindset for Success: Acquire the mindset that will enable you to occupy your time with activities you enjoy and acquire financial independence. Find out how to work just 1-2 full days a week and yet make a good living. Bid burnout farewell and welcome to a balanced existence.

3. The Structure and Process of the Design Intensive: I’ll walk you through the full Design Intensive process, from the first enquiry to the last file handoff. Learn how to move from the inquiry phase to the preparation stage to the design day itself with ease, creating a successful experience for both you and your client.

4. Strategic Prep for Success: Make sure you are prepared strategically for each Design Intensive to ensure your success. Learn the strategies and approaches that will wow your clients and give you self-confidence. It’s time to surpass expectations and produce artwork that has real emotional resonance.

Concerned about how Design Intensives will integrate with your ongoing branding and website projects? Differentiating Your Offer at Number Five. Be at ease! I’ll demonstrate how to set this offer apart from your complete projects so you can keep booking and completing orders on both fronts. Increase your offerings without sacrificing your current output.

When you’ve mastered the art of Design Intensives, it’s time to move on to scaling and automation. Learn how to make the most of your time, streamline your operations, and even expand this offer to include a team. Consider the opportunities for expanding your company without exhausting yourself.

But there’s more! Additionally, you’ll get all of my templates for emails, surveys, presentations for the preparation stage, brand guidelines, and call scripts. You will save time and effort by using these pre-made materials, which will free you up to concentrate on what you do best—creating attractive designs and providing top-notch outcomes.

The future of the creative industry is design intensives. Don’t pass up this chance to reinvent your career and get the success you’ve always wanted. Join the successful creative professionals who have already adopted this paradigm-shifting strategy by taking the plunge.

Do you have the capacity to reach your maximum potential? Enroll in Design Intensives right away to start your path to increased success, fulfillment, and financial independence. Take advantage of the chance and use Design Intensives as your secret weapon since your future is waiting.



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