Wall Street Prep – Real Estate (REIT) Modeling

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The REIT Modeling course is designed to help investment banking, equity research and real estate professionals understand and analyze a REIT. The course is structured in two parts: Part 1 focuses on financial modeling and Part 2 covers the valuation of REITs.

In Part 1 of the course, we will first learn about the unique drivers and challenges of the REIT industry, followed by building REIT financial models from scratch. We will use a step-by-step approach to model an actual company, BRE Properties, to give trainees a hands-on experience of the real estate modeling best practices. We’ll cover segment-level modeling (same store properties), acquisitions, developments, and dispositions and deconstruct key REIT profit metrics such as FFO, AFFO, and CAD.

In Part 2, we will dive into the valuation of REITs, with a focus on the Net Asset Value (NAV) approach. The course will cover the calculation of NAV, NAV growth, NAV per share, NAV discount/premium, and NAV yield. We’ll also discuss the impact of leverage on NAV, and how to apply the NAV method to a proprietary REIT valuation model.

At the end of the course, trainees will have a comprehensive understanding of REITs and be able to confidently build financial and valuation models for REITs. Through the hands-on experience in the course, trainees will gain the skills necessary to make effective decisions and produce accurate financial models for real estate investments.

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Real estate (REIT) modeling is an important skill for any investment banking, equity research, and real estate professional. This specialized course gives students a deep understanding of REITs and teaches them to build financial and valuation models for a REIT the same way it’s done on the job.

In this course, we will explore the unique challenges and drivers of the REIT industry, and the tax advantages and structure of UPREITs and DOWNREITs. Students will then build REIT financial and valuation models from scratch, using a step-by-step approach for an actual company, BRE Properties. This will help them understand real estate modeling best practices for same store properties, acquisitions, developments, and dispositions. We will also cover critical REIT profit metrics like FFO, AFFO, and CAD.

In Part 2, we will learn how to use the Net Asset Value (NAV) approach to perform a valuation of a REIT. We will also look at how to value multi-year acquisitions, developments, and dispositions.

By the end of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the REIT industry, and will be able to build and deconstruct financial models for a REIT that accurately reflect their operations and performance. They will also understand how to use the NAV approach to value a REIT.







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