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Trading double Diagonals By Dan Sheridan - Sheridan Options Mentoring
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Mastering the Market with Trading Double Diagonals by Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Options Mentoring

Dive into the intricate world of options trading with the Trading Double Diagonals course by market maestro Dan Sheridan. Uncover strategies, reduce risk, and achieve consistent returns.

Dan Sheridan: The Sage of Options Trading

In the complex domain of options trading, few names resonate as powerfully as Dan Sheridan. With a stellar track record and decades of hands-on experience, Dan has established himself as a luminary in the trading realm.

Understanding Double Diagonals

The double diagonal is a versatile trading strategy, providing a unique blend of risk and reward. It combines elements of both vertical and horizontal spreads, providing traders with multiple avenues to profit.

Trading Double Diagonals: A Game Changer

This meticulously crafted course by Sheridan Options Mentoring demystifies the double diagonal strategy, making it accessible to both novice traders and seasoned pros.

Course Inclusions: Elevating Your Trading Game

  • Theoretical Foundation: Grasp the underlying principles behind double diagonals.
  • Live Trading Sessions: Experience real-time trading with Dan Sheridan, gaining firsthand insights.
  • Risk Management: Learn to navigate potential pitfalls and optimize your trading strategy.

The Sheridan Mentoring Edge

With its roots in practical experience, Sheridan Mentoring offers a pragmatic, results-oriented approach. The emphasis is on real-world trading, rather than mere theoretical knowledge.

Key Benefits of the Course

  1. Strategic Depth: Enhance your trading arsenal with a powerful, flexible strategy.
  2. Consistent Returns: Aim for steady profits, rather than the boom-bust cycle.
  3. Reduced Risk: Through optimal strategy application and risk management techniques.
  4. Ongoing Support: Gain access to an active community and regular webinars.


  • Is prior options trading experience necessary?

    While beneficial, the course is structured to accommodate both beginners and experts.

  • How does the double diagonal differ from other strategies?

    Double diagonals combine the benefits of two types of spreads, offering greater flexibility and potential returns.

  • What post-course support does Sheridan Mentoring offer?

    Course participants gain access to an active community, regular webinars, and additional resources.

  • How long is the course duration?

    While the core content is designed for comprehensive coverage, additional live sessions and webinars provide ongoing learning opportunities.

  • Is the course solely theoretical?

    Not at all. Practical, real-world trading is a significant component, ensuring participants are market-ready.


Trading Double Diagonals by Dan Sheridan isn’t merely a course; it’s an investment in your trading future. With its blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, it provides traders with a robust foundation. If you’re keen to explore the vast universe of options trading, this course is your launchpad.


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