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Do you want to get knowledge about trading on the financial markets? You’ve come to the proper location if so! You will study all the fundamentals of trading in this course, including psychology, chart analysis, and executing a strategy. Let’s get going!Use of this Course

Let’s go through how to use this course platform before we get into the material. It will be simple for you to study at your own speed because all the courses and materials will be accessible in one location. Just sign in to your account, then select Lesson One to begin. Each course comes with a video presentation, written notes, and knowledge checks. Before going on to the next lesson, be sure to finish the previous one.

a letter from the teacher

Hello, my name is Tori, and I’ll be your course instructor. I’m eager to guide you toward financial success by teaching you how to trade. Trading may be a difficult and rewarding activity, but it demands self-control, endurance, and an open mind. I’ll be sharing with you my personal trading experiences and insights throughout this course, as well as useful advice and tactics you may use for your own trading.

Welcome! Learning Objectives

We’ll go through everything you may anticipate to learn in this course in the course introduction. You’ll learn how the financial markets operate, about the many kinds of assets you may trade, and about the significance of risk management. Additionally, you’ll discover how to select the best broker for your requirements as well as the trading tools and resources that are at your disposal.

@tori.trades e-book From 0 to SIM

You’ll also get a free e-book from @tori.trades titled “From 0 to SIM” as an added bonus. You may learn more about Tori’s beginnings as a trader and the measures she took to develop into a profitable trader from this e-book.

First lesson: psychology

We’ll talk about the use of psychology in trading in Lesson One. You’ll discover the typical emotions that traders encounter and discover efficient methods for controlling them. Additionally, we’ll go over the value of having a trading strategy and how to create realistic goals for yourself.

Welcome to the first lesson.

We’ll expose you to the fundamentals of trading psychology in this class. You’ll discover the typical errors that novice traders make and how to prevent them. We’ll also talk about the value of cultivating a trading mindset and how to maintain discipline when trading.

Learn How to Lose Right

Learning how to lose well in trading is one of the most crucial lessons. We’ll discuss the value of risk management and how to reduce losses in this part. You’ll learn how to successfully manage your trades and how to place stop-loss orders.

Second lesson: Chart evaluation

We’ll go through the fundamentals of chart analysis in Lesson 2. You’ll discover how to utilize technical analysis to spot trading opportunities and how to read and interpret price charts. Additionally, we’ll discuss several chart kinds and how to pick the best one for your requirements.

101 Chart Analysis

We’ll go through the fundamentals of chart analysis in this part. You will gain knowledge of several chart types, including line, bar, and candlestick charts. Additionally, we’ll go through how to read and understand price charts, including trend lines, chart patterns, support and resistance levels, and more.

Chart Reading and Understanding

We’ll delve more deeply into technical analysis in this part. Various indicators, including moving averages, the relative strength index (RSI), and Fibonacci retracements, will be covered. Additionally, we’ll go through how to use these indicators to find trade opportunities and make wise trading choices.

#3: The Drawing Instrument

The sketching tool, which is a crucial component of technical analysis, will be covered in Lesson 3. You’ll discover how to create chart patterns, support and resistance levels, and trend lines. Additionally, we’ll go through how to use these tools to find trade opportunities and make wise trading choices.

Please enjoy Lesson Three.

In this session, we’ll show you how to use the sketching tool to your advantage when trading. You’ll discover the many kinds of trend lines, including uptrends and downtrends, as well as the right way to create them. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to recognize support and resistance levels and how to utilize them to guide your trading choices.

There are Points A and B.

In this part, we’ll discuss how to spot important chart elements including entry and exit points. You’ll discover how to employ several chart patterns, like triangles and head and shoulders, to make trading decisions. Additionally, we’ll go through how to use the sketching tool to spot market patterns and make wise trading choices.

Fourth lesson: Using strategy

We’ll discuss how to use a trading strategy in your trading in Lesson 4. You’ll gain knowledge of several trading tactics, including swing trading and trend following. Additionally, we’ll go through how to establish a trading plan and efficiently manage your transactions.

Let’s do some trading.




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