Ted McGrath – Marketing Funnel Formula

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What changes would be made to your business, lifestyle, and sense of plenty…

…if you had a method for attracting customers EVERY DAY?

Most individuals are sick of exchanging their time for money. The majority of people fail to reach their intended audience… BECAUSE they lack the knowledge to easily build an internet funnel to advertise and sell their goods?

Would you wish to join the exclusive group of trainers, lecturers, experts, and businesspeople who genuinely sell their goods online?

Read on if you’re prepared to expand your company and build a straightforward internet sales funnel for your goods.

Here are the 3 major pitfalls you should avoid before starting your marketing funnel:

1. Ignoring your target demographic
In order to build an effective marketing funnel, you must first comprehend your target market. They, who? What are their inclinations and needs? What are the aches and pains? A marketing funnel that speaks to and meets the demands of your target audience may be developed if you have a firm grasp of it.

2. Lack of a distinct value proposition
Your value proposition describes how you differ from your rivals and why your service or product is the best choice for your target market. Your marketing funnel won’t work if it has a distinct value proposition.

3. Lacking a crystal-clear call to action
Your call-to-action instructs your target audience on what to do after reading it. Your marketing funnel won’t turn site visitors into paying customers if it has a clear call to action.

Here are the stages to making a successful marketing funnel now that you are aware of the pitfalls to watch out for:

First, make a lead magnet.
A lead magnet is a valuable offer you make to your target market in return for their contact details. A free trial of your product or service, a webinar, a video series, or a free booklet are all possible options. The secret is to provide your target market with something worthwhile and pertinent to your good or service.

Step 2: Construct an email chain
You may develop an email series that provides value and fosters trust with your target audience after you have your lead magnet and their contact information. Information regarding your product or service and how it helps alleviate your target audience’s problems should be included in this sequence.

Make a sales page in step three.
You offer your goods or services on your sales page. It needs to be convincing, succinct, and unambiguous. Your value proposition, client endorsements, and a call to action should all be present on your sales page.

Step 4: Attract customers to your funnel
As soon as your funnel is ready, you must direct traffic to it. Paid advertising, social media, content marketing, and SEO are all options for doing this.

In conclusion, developing a straightforward online sales funnel is crucial if you want to expand your company and boost your earnings. You may build a good marketing funnel that will help you achieve your company objectives by avoiding the pitfalls and following these procedures.



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