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Laying the Foundation


Creating Your Game Plan

Why Do You Want to Be a Real Estate Investor?

How to Survive When They Don’t Believe In Your Dream

Setting Up Your Business Infrastructure

Setting Up Your Phone System

How to Automate Your Phone System

Setting Up Your Business Mailing Address

How to Create Your Buying Website

Branding Your Business

Wrap Up: Action Plan





How to Find Motivated Sellers and Unbelievable Deals


Getting Down to Business

Choosing the Right Market

Understanding the Motivated Seller

The Power of the Delinquent Tax List

How to Find and Use Streamlined List Sources

How to Sort the List

How to Send the Mail

Finding Motivated Sellers with Postcards

Finding Motivated Sellers with Blind Offers

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Dealing With Prospects


Responding to Calls and Submissions

What Do You Say When a Seller Calls?

Vacant Land Phone Call Checklist

How Much Should You Offer for that Property?

Knowing When to Offer More vs. Less

Sending Offers On Autopilot

The Only 3 Things You Need to Make An Offer

Wrap Up: Action Plan





How to Write Offers and Get Acceptances


Maneuvering and Negotiating for the Best Possible Deals

How to Write Offers That Get Accepted

How to Avoid the Guilt Trip When Sending Low Offers

How to Deal With Nasty Sellers and Angry Responses

How to Respond When a Seller Asks “Why Is Your Offer So Low?”

What if Nobody Accepts My Offers?

The Ultimate Negotiation Technique That Nobody Talks About

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Due Diligence


Clearing the Path for a Trouble-Free Closing

YES! My Offer Was Accepted! Now What??

The Fastest Way to Research Vacant Land

How to Find the “Market Value” of Vacant Land

The Truth About Land Investing

How to Find the Size, Shape, Location, and Dimensions of a Property

Finding a Local Photographer

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Closing Time


How to Close the Transaction and Take Possession of Your Property

The Anatomy of a Real Estate Transaction

The Logistics of Closing Remotely or In-Person

How to Close WITH Title Insurance (but WITHOUT a Closing Agent)

When and How to Close with a Professional Closing Agent

How to Buy Land from a Dead Person

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Getting Your Property Listed, Promoted and SOLD!


Fundamentals that Sell Real Estate FAST

How to Write Listings That Sell Properties Fast

Finding Great Pictures for Your Property Listings (Without Leaving Home)

How to Help Anyone Find Your Vacant Land

5 Proven Fundamentals That Sell Real Estate Quickly

Deadly Pricing Mistakes Most Real Estate Investors Make

Sending Out ‘Neighbor Letters’ to Sell Property Fast

50 Creative Ways to Sell Your Property Fast

HELP! What to Do When Your Property Just Won’t Sell

How to Leverage the Power of Land Specialized Agents

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Seller Financing Strategies


How to Be the Bank and Multiply Your Profits

Why Seller Financing Makes Sense

Boost Your Profitability With Seller Financing

How to Close a Land Contract In-House

How to Close a Deed of Trust In-House

Land Contract or Deed of Trust: Which is Better for Seller Financing?

The Logistics of Closing a Seller Financed Deal

Loan Servicing and Collecting Payments

How to Handle Loan Defaults? Debunking a Common Misconception About Seller Financing

Government Regulations on Seller Financed Land Deals

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Closing the Sale


How to Close the Sale and Get Paid

Closing the Sale: Documentation

Issuing Proper Disclosures to the Buyer

Specifying Title Vesting Details

Closing the Sale: Logistics and Organization

When, Where and How to Get All Documents Signed

Transferring Funds Securely

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Taking Your Business to the Next Level


Now That You’ve Learned the Business, What Comes Next?

Take a Tour of My Paperless Filing System

How to Eliminate Distractions While Working From Home

Outsourcing 101: The Shockingly Simple Way to Get Stuff Done

How I Juggled My Business With A Full-Time Job

The Biggest Unseen Danger For the Busy Real Estate Investor

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Tax Strategies for Land Investors


How to Master the Art of Keeping Money in Your Pocket

Finding the Right Accountant for Your Land Flipping Business

How to Escape a Crippling Tax Burden When Selling Owner Financed Land

Supercharge Your Retirement Savings (Tax-Free) With a Self-Directed Roth IRA

Give and Grow Rich! How to Realize Massive Tax Write-Offs with Land Donations

Wrap Up: Action Plan





Long Term Strategies for Growth


Evolving Your Business Into a Financial Powerhouse

The #1 Reason Land Investors Fail

Will Growing Competition Ever Kill the Land Flipping Business?

What’s Your End Game?






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