Sander Stage – The SMMA Academy Plus 2023



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Sander Stage The SMMA Academy Plus 2023
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Building Block by Block:

Phase 1 | Foundations

We concentrate on establishing the groundwork for your agency throughout the initial part of our program. We provide you all you need to succeed because we recognize how important it is to have a solid foundation upon which to grow. This phase aims to position you for success by teaching you how to study the subject efficiently and use the information and processes that are supplied.

Step 2: Establishing Your Agency

After establishing your foundation, it’s time to begin building your new company’s framework. We will walk you through the process of picking your agency focus, building up your website, and creating your agency throughout this phase. In order to make sure you successfully position yourself in the market, we can also assist you in creating your offer and price. Finally, we will ensure that you fully comprehend the company model and the reasons for its success.

Phase 3: Locating Customers

Among our program’s most important and comprehensive phases is the third one. We are aware that acquiring clients is crucial to your agency’s success. There is no money without clients, and there can be no business without money. For this reason, we supply you the most effective and modern strategies in this phase so you may begin bringing in high-paying clients right away. You will acquire the skills necessary to successfully navigate the market and draw in customers who are prepared to pay for your services with our help.

Step 4: Closing Clientele

You need to know how to communicate with potential clients successfully now that you have set appointments with them. Our founder, Sander, has established a 4-step meeting process over hundreds of customer meetings, which we break down in this phase. You may steer clear of typical traps and confidently strike transactions with prospective high-paying clients by taking note of his missteps and accomplishments. The main focus of this stage is making sure you leave a good impression and establish lasting relationships.

Phase 5: Provision of Services

It’s wonderful to have well-paying clients, but it’s even better if they stick with you over time. During this stage, we concentrate on producing outstanding results—the cornerstone of any successful agency. We provide you access to the best information in the business about running advertisements, so you can maximize your campaigns and give your clients exceptional results. Your newly gained expertise will differentiate you from your competitors by placing you in the top 1% of ad runners worldwide by the end of this phase.

You may build your agency piece by piece by adhering to our all-inclusive program, which will guarantee a strong base, a well-thought-out company, a dependable client acquisition plan, efficient client communication, and top-notch service delivery. You can confidently create a successful agency that stands out in the market and draws in well-paying clients with our advice and experience. Don’t put off setting up your agency any longer; do it now!



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