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Discover how to make $100k+ per month with Wetube! Our 6-week course teaches you everything you need to know to start, grow, and run profitable niche subscription communities, also known as “masterminds.” You’ll get access to a supportive customer community and hands-on instruction in organic and paid traffic, YouTube Ads, and more. With personalized guidance from Brian Moncada ( and our advanced training in YouTube ads worth $10k, you’ll have the tools to start generating high-paying recurring revenue and grow your masterminds into 100+ person communities. Join Wetube today to start your journey!

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Introducing Wetube: A 6-week course that shows you how to make $100k+ /month selling niche subscription communities, AKA “masterminds”. With Wetube you will get access to a supportive customer community and step-by-step training that covers topics like organic traffic, paid traffic, and how to start and run a mastermind community.

Learn from Brian Moncada (from and get access to a hardcore YouTube Ads training worth $10k. Discover how to build an “organic content machine” using YouTube and an email newsletter to generate traffic and convert it into high-paying mastermind subscriptions. Plus, gain insight on low-ticket and high-ticket virtual and in-person masterminds.

Start your journey to success with Wetube and get the keys to unlock your financial potential.





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