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This course will teach you the social media skills you need to work with any type of business, from setting up your freelancing business to finding and pitching to clients. You’ll learn everything from choosing your niche and defining your services to creating a portfolio and writing a pitch message. With this course, you’ll have all the tools you need to start your freelancing career.

Salma Sheriff – The Social Shells Signature
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This is how the course works:

Step 1: You’ll learn social media skills that are essential for any business. (Check out the modules below.)

Step 2: You’ll learn how to set up your business as a freelancer, including choosing your niche, onboarding and managing clients, defining your services and prices, and creating contracts.

Step 3: You’ll learn how to find clients, even if you have no experience. This includes creating a portfolio, writing a pitch message, and knowing where to reach out to potential clients.


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