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The Framer Masterclass is the definitive manual for learning the skills of interactive design and prototyping. This extensive course will lead you on a path to become a Framer master with over 60 videos filled with action.The Framer Masterclass is an 8-week mentorship and support program that makes sure you have all the help you need along the road. It is designed for both novice and seasoned designers. To assist you in developing as a designer, our team of subject matter specialists will be available to respond to your inquiries, provide suggestions on your work, and provide individualized guidance.

But there’s more! Joining the Framer Masterclass also gives you access to our exclusive community. Meet other designers who share your interests, exchange work, and work together on projects. We think that working together, we can all accomplish greatness because of the strength of a strong community.

You will be awarded a distinguished Flux Academy accreditation once you have finished the Framer Masterclass. With this qualification, you may access new career options in the design sector in addition to showcasing your abilities. Make a statement by letting your Framer knowledge stand out from the crowd.

The greatest thing, though? This course is accessible to you forever. You may review the courses at any time and anywhere, brush up on your knowledge, and continue studying at your own speed. While we recognize that life may be busy, lifelong access ensures that you never miss out on any important material.

To give you the most recent information and abilities, we are continually updating and enhancing our courses. We provide future updates to this course because of this. You may be confident that you will always have access to the most recent knowledge even as the design industry evolves and new features are introduced.

What are you still holding out for? Enroll in the Framer Masterclass right away to realize all of your potential as a designer. This is the ultimate learning experience you don’t want to miss, with 60+ action-packed videos, 8 weeks of mentorship and support, access to our exclusive community, a prestigious certification, lifelong access to the course, and future upgrades. Become a Framer master by taking the initial step, and your design career will soar to new heights.



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