Roland Frasier – Consult Blueprint Bundle

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When you sign up for the Consult Blueprint Bundle today, you’ll get 3 private training workshops, each one focused on a different type of consult: the Growth Consult, the Grow Sales Consult, and the Grow Profits Consult. In each workshop, I’ll show you exactly what to discuss and how to fill every minute of your 1/2 day consult, so that you can confidently help your clients achieve their goals.

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When you claim your access to the Consult Blueprint Bundle today, you’ll get 3 complete consult blueprints and 3 in-depth private training workshops (one for each consult blueprint) where I break down exactly what to discuss, what questions to ask and how to fill every minute of your 1/2 day consult for each of the sessions below:

Growth Consult
The Growth Consult gives you the exact step-by-step process I use to help any business grow, expand or scale. You’ll confidently be able to walk your clients through identifying gaps, opportunities, and insights for any business.

Grow Sales Consult
The Grow Sales Consult is designed specifically to help any business increase sales. In this consult and workshop, you’ll learn exactly how to help your clients identify high-impact sales channels and help them create a game plan for their sales goals.

Grow Profits Consult
The Grow Profits Consult is designed to deliver a high ROI for your clients. You’ll learn how to help them increase profits by identifying areas of waste and inefficiency and developing strategies to improve their bottom line.


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