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But when they ran ads to cold audiences, their campaigns barely broke even.

That’s when I made a simple change to their funnel – I implemented what I like to call an “advertorial pre-sale page”.

An advertorial is a pre-sales page that bridges the gap between cold traffic and a sales page. It’s a one-page form of content marketing that educates, entertains and engages readers with a story before sending them to the sales page.

And the results were immediate.

Within a few days, our client’s cold traffic campaigns were suddenly profitable – and their revenue started to skyrocket.

The Advertorial 101 Training Program

I was so blown away by the results that I developed a step-by-step coaching program to help other marketers and business owners get the same kind of success.

The Advertorial 101 Training Program is a complete guide to researching, writing, and publishing advertorial pre-sale pages that convert cold or skeptical readers into eager buyers – before they even land on your sales page.

You’ll learn how to craft compelling stories, target the right keywords, and optimize the content for maximum conversions. Plus, I’ll provide hands-on feedback and guidance to help you make sure your advertorial pages are successful.

If you’re struggling to convert cold traffic, then this program is for you. Join me today and learn how to create advertorial pre-sale pages that make all your leads “ready to buy” before they hit your sales page!

Rachel Mazza – Advertorial 101 Course
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But for some reason, their campaigns weren’t converting cold traffic, and the cost-per-click was sky-high.

That’s when I noticed something missing in their sales funnel: A powerful pre-sell page.

You see, when cold traffic hits your landing page, they’re usually skeptical, and they tend to hit the back button faster than you can blink.

But if you can warm them up before they hit your landing page, you can significantly increase your conversion rate and lower your cost-per-click.

That’s where the power of advertorials comes in.

Advertorials are pre-sell pages that build credibility and trust before the reader hits your sales page. They’re often used as part of a larger funnel that includes an ad, a pre-sell page, and a sales page.

Advertorials are more than just a sales pitch. They’re written to inform, educate, and inspire the reader about your offer, so that when they hit your sales page, they’re ready to buy.

That’s why I created the Advertorial 101 Training Program. It’s a step-by-step coaching program on how to research, write, and publish advertorial presale pages that transform cold or skeptical readers into eager buyers – before they even land on your sales page!

In the program, you’ll learn:

• How to quickly and easily research your market and come up with fresh ideas for your advertorial page

• How to write powerful copy that engages and convinces your readers

• How to structure your advertorial page to boost conversions

• How to optimize your page for SEO and get more organic traffic

• How to use your advertorial page to lower your cost-per-click

• How to track the success of your page and measure ROI

• And much more!

If you’ve ever struggled to convert cold traffic, then the Advertorial 101 Training Program is for you. Sign up today and start transforming cold leads into hot buyers – before they even hit your sales page!



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