QuotaSignal – How Great Sales Managers Crush Their First 90 Days

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Are you a brand-new sales manager hoping to establish yourself and advance quickly? You’re in luck if so! We’re going to reveal with you in this blog post the same 30-60-90 day “system” that a successful sales leader utilized to advance quickly through the ranks.But first, let’s discuss some frequent errors that new sales managers make during their first 90 days on the job before we get into the intricacies of the system. Avoiding these errors at all costs is essential since they have the potential to be fatal to your career.

First error: attempting to make all changes at once.

It might be tempting to want to make significant changes straight immediately when you first take on a leadership position. But doing so could be erroneous. Prior to making any significant changes, concentrate on getting to know your team and the corporate culture.


The second error is failing to cultivate relationships.

Building trusting connections with your team members is one of your most critical responsibilities as a sales leader. Failure to do so may result in a lack of respect and trust, which will eventually undermine your capacity to lead successfully.


Mistake #3: Not defining expectations clearly

Your team members won’t work at their best if they don’t understand what is expected of them. Assign roles and duties to each team member in a clear and concise manner.


Fourth error: micromanagement

Nobody enjoys being micromanaged. Count on your team members to do their tasks and offer direction and help when required.


5th error: Ignoring information

As a sales leader, information is your friend. To inform your choices and objectives, ensure that you are monitoring and evaluating the appropriate metrics.


Mistake #6: Ignoring criticism

Feedback is essential for development and advancement. Ensure that you frequently ask for input from your team, colleagues, and superiors.


After discussing the errors to avoid, let’s discuss what you ought to be doing throughout your first 30 days on the job. Here are six actions you can do to dominate your first 30 days:


1. Have a one-on-one meeting with each member of your team to learn about their objectives.

2. Keep an eye on the team’s performance and procedures and collect data.

3. Establish connections with your bosses and colleagues.

4. Acquire as much knowledge as you can about the company’s values and culture.

5. Clearly define each team member’s job duties and expectations.

6. Create a plan for the initial 90 days.


Here is a four-step “waterfall” technique for your second month, which covers days 31 to 60:


1. Give the most crucial problems and opportunities top priority.

2. Create and share with your team a concise action plan.

3. Carry out the strategy and monitor results.

4. Examine the outcomes and draw conclusions.


Finally, it’s crucial to achieve swift victories between days 61 and 90 in order to finish your first 90 days. This is how you do it:


1. List and rank opportunities that can be won quickly.

2. Create and put into action a plan to attain those rapid victories.

3. Let your team and superiors know about your victories.

4. Rejoice in the victories and utilize them to generate momentum for the following ninety days.


But hold on, you still have to start your first fire before the first 90 days are over. This entails firing a team member who isn’t meeting standards of performance. Although it’s a difficult choice, it’s essential for the wellbeing of your team and the accomplishment of your leadership position.


There you have it—the precise 30-60-90 day “system” for moving up the corporate ladder and obtaining a new sales leader position quickly. Prioritize short victories before day 90, keep in mind to avoid the six fatal mistakes, concentrate on developing connections and outlining clear expectations. Good fortune!



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