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Phoebe Khun – Human Design For Business
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First Module: Your Energetic Approach

You will acquire clarity and self-assurance in Module One regarding living as a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector—all of which are in accordance with your energy approach. You will feel life in your signature if you can learn to initiate, reply, wait for invites, and wait for lunar cycles.

Aligned Decision Making in Module Two

Making decisions is taken to a completely new level in Module Two. You will discover how to use your body’s natural knowledge to make wise judgments. No more second-guessing or lamenting over mistakes. You will never again doubt your judgments after taking this session, which teaches you the principles of making aligned decisions in a corporate setting.

Module 3: Unveiling Your Energetic Identity

In Module Three, discover your brand’s actual energy essence and turn the unrealized aspects of your life’s work into your brand’s greatest potential. By using our unique coaching structure, you will become the face of your business, drawing in soulmate customers and having a significant effect.

Module Four: Turning On Your Intuition

In Module Four, you’ll learn how your Genius sequence combines to create your life’s mission. Discover how to connect with your particular incarnation cross and awaken your full potential. Unlock the door to your destiny by letting your brilliance out.

Module 5: Advertising

You will learn how to truly present yourself as your own Marketing Archetype in Module Five. Your writing, content, and brand voice will all stand out in the congested market if you use your dynamic signature. Having been taught to more than 600 pupils, this approach has produced several case studies and astounding outcomes.

Module 6: Specialty

Goodbye to the sensation that niching has constrained or boxed you in. Phoebe’s method for niching with your Human Design is introduced in Module Six. Discover how to match your specialty to your distinctive style so you can reach your target market and express yourself to the fullest. Demos of actual case studies are provided.

Module 7: The Meaning of Life

Through the prism of Human Design, discover your life path and destiny in Module Seven: Master the North & South Nodes. You will receive guidance from this masterclass in order to comprehend and utilize these nodes in order to achieve your life’s goal.

Module 8: Material

Phoebe’s most popular and requested instruction on using your Profile Lines to create content is Module Eight. In-depth instruction includes case studies, explanations, and subject suggestions from thought leaders. Learn how to use your definition and special variables to design content. #Bench or Not to Batch

Module 9: Context

Phoebe’s distinct viewpoint on creating a marketing message that connects with your audience is provided in Module Nine. Discover how to transform your mercury gate into a persuasive marketing message that motivates people to act. You won’t be left in the dark with more than five trainings and a simple, step-by-step method to follow at home. well matched with the 64 gates library!

Tenth Module: Sales & Offers

With Module Ten, bid fatigue and animosity a fond goodbye. Discover how to make offers that make the most of your steady energy and financial potential. This lesson provides clarity on how to sell in harmony with your design by demystifying the selling FROM vs. selling TO debate.

Eleventh Module: Business Models

In Module Eleven, develop a lucrative and aligned company strategy that suits your needs. You will learn whether you are best suited for launches, evergreen funnels, recurring income streams, or other business models based on your own wiring and description. Bid farewell to your desire to destroy everything and welcome a business plan that helps you succeed.

Module 12: Workplace Context

Explore Module Twelve to find your ideal workspace. This revolutionary module will make your surroundings conducive to your energetic demands, enabling you to thrive.

Work Flow, Habits, and Collaboration in Module Thirteen

The greatest way to work and collaborate with others is revealed in Module Thirteen. With your team, clients, and industry experts, you will build successful working connections by utilizing your talents and getting clarity more quickly.

Module 14: Personnel & Recruiting

Discover your ideal team and discover how to make hiring decisions based on Module Fourteen’s missing pieces. You won’t feel like you have to handle everything by yourself anymore. Rather, you will receive help from people who are energetically tailored to complete and enhance you. Accept the real seat of your brilliance!

Extra Masterclass: Untapped Potential

You will find the untapped potential for wealth and success in your line of work in this additional masterclass. You may unlock your potential and achieve more success and fulfillment by knowing the line of your Unconscious Mars.

By completing these fourteen lessons together with the additional masterclass, you will be able to apply Human Design to your business and life with a thorough knowledge. Bid farewell to ambiguity and welcome to success, alignment, and confidence. Become one of the hundreds of learners whose lives have been changed by Phoebe’s lessons. Enroll today to realize your full potential!



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