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Do you have trouble designing a website that turns visitors into paying customers? Do you often feel overwhelmed by the countless options for templates and styles and unclear of where to begin? The 8 Square Secrets BusinessTM curriculum is the only option.This curriculum is intended to take you from a website newbie to a conversion specialist and contains more than 12 hours of video training divided into 8 sections. Let’s examine the features that each module has in more detail.

Module 1: Formula for Client Conversion
Understanding your target client is the key to building a great website. This program will walk you through the process of discovering their requirements and wants, as well as how to create a website that speaks to them. Setting up the proper foundation can position you for long-term success.

Module 2: Blueprint for Template Selection
It might be difficult to choose the correct template, but it doesn’t have to be. This session will teach you how 95% of users choose a template (and why they’re choosing it incorrectly), and it will walk you through the process of choosing the ideal template for your company.

Module 3: Content Collection Guide
Every website needs photos, and this module will show you how to find the best ones for yours. It will also provide you page-by-page content planners so you can make sure your words fit the aesthetic appeal of your site. You’ll discover how to build a website that appears to have been made by a pro.

Design best practices in Module 4
A stunning website is wonderful, but it won’t be effective if it doesn’t turn visitors into paying clients. You will learn the design best practices in this session to help you create websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also successful at turning visitors into paying clients.

Site Structure Strategy Module 5
The success of your website depends on its structure. You’ll discover how to set up your website so that users can easily traverse it and find what they’re searching for in this section. Your website’s structure will help you keep visitors interested and raise conversion rates.

Module 6: SEO Made Simple
Though it doesn’t have to be, search engine optimization (SEO) may be a complicated subject. You’ll study the fundamentals of SEO and how to make your website search engine-friendly in this lesson. By using the proper SEO approach, you’ll improve your internet presence and draw in more potential clients.

Seventh Module: Traffic Driving Techniques
A website can only be effective if users are going to it. This session will teach you how to increase website traffic through a range of strategies, such as social media, email marketing, and advertising. You’ll reach more prospective consumers and improve your chances of conversion with the appropriate traffic-driving approach.

Module 8: Website Upkeep and Further
A successful website’s creation is a continuous process. You will learn how to update and manage your website in this last lesson, as well as how to gradually increase your conversion rates.

The full answer you’ve been searching for to build a website that not only looks fantastic but also turns visitors into buyers is the 8 Square Secrets BusinessTM package. You will get all the resources you need to succeed with more than 12 hours of video lectures divided into 8 courses. Stop waiting and begin creating your ideal website right away.



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