Orgasmic & Erotic Hypnosis Course 2023 By David Mears

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David Mears: The Pioneer of Sensual Hypnosis

Renowned for his deep insights into the human psyche, David Mears is a trailblazer in the domain of sensual hypnosis. His unique approach merges scientific understanding with intuitive practices, offering a novel way to explore human sensuality.

Origins of The Orgasmic & Erotic Hypnosis Course

Recognizing the barriers people often face in accessing their sensual selves, David crafted this comprehensive course to bridge the chasm between mental inhibitions and physical pleasures.

Mears’ Vision: Beyond Taboos and Myths

David believes in the transformative power of understanding and embracing our sensual natures. He challenges societal taboos and encourages an open dialogue on pleasure and well-being.

Core Modules of the Orgasmic & Erotic Hypnosis Course

Understanding Human Sensuality

Starting with the basics, participants delve into the intricacies of human sensuality, understanding the mind-body connection and its implications.

Techniques and Applications of Erotic Hypnosis

Master the art of inducing heightened sensual experiences through hypnosis. This module covers a variety of techniques tailored to individual needs.

Safety, Ethics, and Boundaries

This critical segment ensures participants understand the ethical considerations, ensuring a respectful and safe practice.

Why Enroll in Mears’ Hypnosis Course?

Holistic Approach to Pleasure

The course promotes an all-encompassing understanding of pleasure, which transcends mere physical experiences.

Empowerment and Confidence

Equip yourself with tools to overcome inhibitions, thereby fostering self-confidence and a better understanding of personal desires.

Community and Networking

Join a community of like-minded individuals, sharing experiences and learning collaboratively.


  • Who is the Orgasmic & Erotic Hypnosis Course designed for?

    Anyone interested in exploring the intersection of hypnosis and sensuality—therapists, couples, or individuals looking to enhance their sensual experiences.

  • Is prior experience in hypnosis necessary?

    No, the course caters to both beginners and those with prior experience, ensuring everyone can benefit.

  • How does erotic hypnosis differ from traditional hypnosis?

    While both tap into the subconscious, erotic hypnosis specifically focuses on sensual and intimate experiences, emotions, and barriers.

  • Is the course content respectful and consensual?

    Absolutely. David Mears prioritizes safety, respect, and consent in every module.

  • What after-course support is available?

    Alumni of the course can access a variety of resources, including community forums, webinars, and one-on-one consultations.


David Mears’ Orgasmic & Erotic Hypnosis Course 2023 stands as a testament to the ever-evolving understanding of human pleasure and the mind’s role in it. As society moves towards breaking barriers and fostering open dialogues about sensuality, this course shines as a beacon, leading the way.


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