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Download now Nick Kolenda’s Marketing Courses Bundle to get all of his courses for a cheap price. In this bundle, you’ll get access to his course on website behavior, which includes 32 videos and 3.5 hours of content. You’ll learn psychological tricks to optimize your website or mobile app, so that you can get more conversions and sales.

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Download now Nick Kolenda – Marketing Courses Bundle. Get Marketing Courses Bundle by Nick Kolenda for a cheap price.

What You Get:Website Behavior
32 videos / 3.5 hours

Have you stared at your website knowing that something felt wrong…but you couldn’t figure it out? This course will reveal what’s wrong (and how to fix it). You’ll learn psychological tricks (e.g., colors, layouts, images) to optimize your website or mobile app.


Case Study A — My Website

Tour of Old Website
Button Text
Button Visuals

Case Study B — Great Resumes Fast

Navigation Menu
Trust Symbols
Home (Benefits)
Home (Copy)
Home (Images)
Sales Funnel (Stage 1)
Sales Funnel (Stage 2)
Pricing Tables
Pricing Design

Case Study C — 5DayDeal

Product Assortment
Product Summary

Sales Psychology
19 videos / 1.5 hours

How can you persuade people to buy your product or service? What do you do? What do you say? And how can you stop feeling awkward or sleazy? In this course, you’ll learn the psychology of selling, including:

The 4 step selling process
The 8 basic principles of persuasion
How to overcome objections
How to close the sale

You’ll also get specific sales scripts and templates that you can use immediately in your business.

This course is designed to help you understand how to communicate your product in a way that influences a prospect to buy.The course is divided into five parts:

Sales Materials: In this section, you’ll learn about the different types of sales materials and how to create them.

Lead Generation: In this section, you’ll learn how to generate leads and get them interested in your product.

Closing a Sale: In this section, you’ll learn how to close a sale, including how to handle objections and deliver a proposal.

Case Studies: In this section, you’ll see how psychology is applied in five real-life sales calls.

Bonuses: In this section, you’ll get access to course notes, questions to ask prospects, and a sales proposal template.

In this course, you’ll learn clever methods that can help you find the optimal price in a more accurate way. Use these methods to maximize profit for your business or clients.You’ll learn:

– How to use psychology to price your products
– How to use surveys to find the right price
– How to use the Van Westendorp method to find the perfect price

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