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Are you fed up with writing wordy reports that nobody reads? Even when you’re not in the room, do you have trouble persuading people to agree with you? If so, it’s time to give Slidedocs® a try.Slidedocs® are a potent tool for fusing images and text to produce skimmable, simple-to-read documents that convey your most crucial concepts. You can learn how to transform your live presentation slides into spectacular leave-behinds that clearly communicate your message in just 90 minutes.

Even if you’re not a designer, you can learn how to make reading experiences that resemble magazines via this on-demand course. Your Slidedocs® will always be consistent with your brand thanks to the availability to templates that you may modify.

But what are Slidedocs® exactly, and why are they so successful? In a sense, Slidedocs® are a cross between a document and a presentation. Instead of being shown, they are meant to be read. They may thus be simply distributed to others and read at the reader’s convenience.

Traditional reports, which can be lengthy and challenging to read, cannot be skimmed like Slidedocs®. To lead the reader through the content, they combine text, graphics, and visual hierarchy. As a result, the reader may immediately comprehend the key ideas without becoming bogged down in the finer elements.

Additionally, Slidedocs® are quite flexible. They can serve as pre-reads for crucial meetings, follow-up materials for customers or coworkers, or as stand-alone marketing tools. They are perfect if you need to explain complicated information in a straightforward manner.

Why not try Slidedocs® then? You may learn how to make persuasive, skimmable documents that will assist you in persuading your audience even when you are not there in the room in just 90 minutes. Using presentation software, you can easily design eye-catching leave-behinds that clearly explain your message and convey your key points.



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