Mindy McHorse – How to Use Copyediting for Career Advancement and Side Profit

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Mindy will show you…

• How to start and grow your copyediting business with minimal investment or risk

• What copyediting is and why it’s so important to businesses

• How to spot potential clients and create a successful copyediting business

• What specific skills you need to succeed as a copyeditor

• How to become a copyeditor and earn a steady stream of income

• Tips and strategies for developing your copyediting business

• How to choose the right software and tools to make your job easier

• How to set fees that are fair and profitable

• What to look for when editing a document

• The key differences between copyediting and proofreading

• How to determine what editing services your clients need

• The best practices for editing and delivering your work

• And much more!

At the end of the program, you’ll have all the knowledge and skills you need to become a reliable and successful copyeditor.

And you’ll have the confidence to offer your services to potential clients and start building a side income from copyediting.

You’ll also have the opportunity to get feedback from Mindy and your peers on your work and learn from their experience.

Don’t miss this chance to get ahead in your career and start earning extra income with copyediting.

Enroll in the How to Use Copyediting for Career Advancement and Side Profit program today and see your writing value and income soar.

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The demand for copyeditors has never been higher. With the growth in online content and the need for businesses to ensure they look professional and are free from errors, copyediting is more vital now than ever before.

That’s why the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) has created a brand-new training program to introduce its members to this great way to live the writer’s life and get them up and running with this skill quickly.

The program is being led by one of AWAI’s most popular instructors and biggest successes — Mindy McHorse. Mindy is a six-figure-a-year copywriter and editor of Barefoot Writer magazine. She’s also an exceptional copyeditor with more than a decade of copyediting experience.

In this program, Mindy will show you simple techniques to elevate your writing value and your income.

Whether you’re a new or experienced writer, you can use copyediting for career advancement and side profit. Here are some of the key things you’ll learn in the program:

• The importance of copyediting and how to do it right

• How to set yourself up as an independent copyeditor

• What copyediting services to offer

• How to recognize and correct common errors

• How to analyze and edit a document

• Tips on formatting documents

• How to estimate time and cost

• How to get started as a copy editor

• How to market yourself as a copyeditor

• And more!

If you’re looking to expand your writing skills and make some extra money, copyediting could be the perfect option for you. This program will help you get the skills you need to become a successful copyeditor and start earning income fast.

Sign up for AWAI’s brand-new training program today to learn how to use copyediting for career advancement and side profit with simple techniques to elevate your writing value and your income.



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