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Mike Sherrard – Social Agent Academy 3.0
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Introducing our innovative new programs, which will boost your lead generation and raise the profile of your personal brand. With the help of our Ninja Lead Gen Paid Ads Programs and Magnetic Leads Accelerator Programs, you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge required to command your market and draw in top-quality leads. Let’s explore what you may anticipate from these programs that will change the game:

1. Personal Branding Accelerator: Discover and Build Your Personal Brand in 3 Days
A powerful personal brand is vital for building credibility and trust in today’s cutthroat marketplace. In only three days, our personal branding accelerator will walk you through the process of discovering and developing your own brand. You’ll gain knowledge about tried-and-true methods for showcasing your knowledge, establishing a connection with your target market, and distinguishing yourself from the competition.

2. YouTube Accelerator for 5 Days: Build, Promote, and Launch Your Channel + In 5 days, you may record, edit, and upload your first video.
For generating leads and enhancing your internet visibility, YouTube is a goldmine. We’ll walk you through the whole process of setting up, optimizing, and launching your own YouTube channel in our 5-Day YouTube Accelerator. Within only five days, you’ll discover how to film, edit, and post your first movie. Prepare to use video marketing’s potential and significantly increase your reach.

3. Record, edit, and upload your first TikTok in 5 days using the 5-Day TikTok Accelerator: Create & Optimize Your TikTok Account
TikTok has swept the social media landscape, and it’s no longer only for young people who like to dance. Our 5-Day TikTok Accelerator will teach you how to use this platform’s viral potential to reach a completely new audience of prospective customers. In only five days, you’ll discover how to set up your TikTok account, optimize it, and record, edit, and submit your first TikTok video. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to harness the influence of short-form video content.

4. Record, edit, and upload your first Instagram reel in only five days using the 5-Day Instagram Accelerator.
When it comes to visual storytelling and engaging your audience, Instagram is unmatched. We’ll show you the methods and procedures to establish and enhance your Instagram account throughout our 5-Day Instagram Accelerator. Additionally, within only five days, you’ll discover how to capture, edit, and publish your first Instagram Reel. Get ready to use great visual content to attract your audience and generate profitable leads.

However, there’s still more!

We’d like to introduce our Ninja Lead Gen Paid Ads Programs, which are created to aid in lead generation and conversion-driven paid advertising:

1. Despite the new privacy regulations and iOS changes, Facebook and Instagram advertisements still provide leads.
It may be difficult to navigate the constantly evolving Facebook and Instagram advertising landscape, especially in light of recent privacy guideline changes and iOS improvements. In spite of these difficulties, our curriculum will show you how to build very effective advertising that produce leads and encourage conversions. Maximize your advertising efforts on these potent platforms to stay ahead of the curve.

2. Google Ads: Produce regular, high-quality leads each month using Google PPC advertisements that work
Google Ads has a track record of producing reliable, high-quality leads on a monthly basis. The fundamentals of Google PPC advertising, including keyword research, ad production, and optimization strategies, will be covered in our curriculum. Get rid of erratic lead flow and say welcome to a regular flow of eager prospects.

3. Use YouTube advertisements to reach local buyers and sellers who have indicated that they are ready to make a decision right away.
With the help of our YouTube Ads program, you’ll discover how to use the effectiveness of video advertising to reach nearby consumers and sellers who are actively participating in the market. In order to reach people who are prepared to act, we’ll demonstrate how to develop appealing video commercials and target them to the appropriate audience. Prepare to increase your lead generation and transaction closing.

4. TikTok Ads: Become the first agency to use this up-and-coming site, and get a huge unfair competitive edge.
Real estate brokers have not yet fully embraced TikTok, which gives those who adopt it first a significant competitive edge. We’ll show you how to use TikTok advertisements to reach a new audience of prospective customers and establish a presence on this quickly expanding network. Don’t pass up this chance to be innovative and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Are you prepared to advance your personal brand and lead generation? Unlock your maximum potential in the real estate industry by enrolling in our Magnetic Leads Accelerator Programs and Ninja Lead Gen Paid Ads Programs right away. The moment to take advantage of these chances is now, so don’t wait!


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