Michael Janda – Web Design Business Bootcamp 2023

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With our in-depth training, you may learn how to simplify website projects and increase your earnings. This course will provide you the skills and knowledge you need to complete website projects of all sizes, whether you’re an experienced web developer or just getting started.The emphasis on various website sizes is one of the distinctive aspects of our training. We are aware that not all websites are made equal and that different strategies are needed depending on their size. Because of this, we offer courses and resources specifically designed for the four types of websites: large, medium, small, and micro.

We offer a thorough “Project Flow” document that delineates the stages and deliverables unique to each size of website. With the help of this document, you can remain on track and hit all the required deadlines for the project.

Along with the “Project Flow” paper, we also offer thorough job checklists for every size of website. With the help of this checklist, you may execute the project step-by-step and make sure that no crucial duties are skipped or neglected. With this checklist in hand, you’ll be prepared to take on any website project with simplicity and confidence.

We have linked the “Project Flow” and checklist papers to certain classes in our course syllabus to further improve your learning experience. By doing this, you may quickly access the pertinent courses and discover just how to complete each task on the checklist. For client presentations, we also provide delivery templates, so you may wow your clients with polished and expertly-crafted deliverables.

That’s not all, though. We are aware that the commercial aspects of website projects are equally crucial to their technical implementation. Because of this, a proposal form and contract are also supplied for each size of website, and they are created expressly to coordinate with the project flows and checklists. By using these templates, you may avoid spending time and effort drafting your own paperwork and guarantee that you have all the required legal safeguards.

Enrolling in our course will provide you the information and tools you need to streamline website initiatives, increase earnings, and eliminate turmoil. No matter if you’re working on a big corporate website or a tiny personal blog, our course will provide you the knowledge and resources you need to complete projects successfully every time. Join our course today to further your web development profession and stop letting website tasks overwhelm you!



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