Mel Abraham – The Affluence Blueprint 2.0

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You will learn important lessons in the Affluence Blueprint 2.0 that will aid you in becoming wealthy in your life. This thorough curriculum is intended to help you define your vision of wealth and develop a strategy to realize it.
This is what you will discover:

1. Identify Your Affluence Vision & Plan: You will develop a one-sheet plan with 1, 5, and 10-year goals in a variety of life areas using our exclusive Affluence Visioning TM Process. This will provide you a specific path to take and help you stay focused on your long-term goal.

2. Recognize Your Current Financial Wealth-Building Potential: Learn the essential components of your income and outgoings that are fueling your wealth. The Fifty Percent Rule TM and The 8 Revenue Scalers TM, among other crucial wealth-building tactics, will be taught to you. Your ability to accumulate riches will be maximized with the use of this information.

3. Create an Affluent Entrepreneur Scorecard TM: In this session, you will identify and comprehend the crucial measures for your ascent to wealth. These metrics will serve as benchmarks to monitor your development and make sure you continue in the right direction in order to accomplish your objectives.

4. Create the Right Team Members: Not all mentors and advisers are made equal. This part will teach you how to find and select the ideal mentors and advisers who will be totally committed to the realization of your goal. Building a solid support network is crucial to your path to prosperity.

5. Adhere to the Right Affluent Investing Principles: Building money depends on having a solid understanding of risk and investment. The 8 Rules of Investing TM and the 6-Factor Evaluation TM, as well as portfolio construction and diversification, will be covered in order to assist you make the best possible investment decisions at the appropriate moment.

6. Build Your Fortress to Protect Your Financial Machine: Long-term wealth preservation requires the construction of a protective wall around your assets and sources of income. To protect and preserve your financial system, you will discover techniques like the Starfish AdvantageTM, the Wealth Priority LadderTM, and the Risk Exposure GridTM.

A complete curriculum that addresses every area of obtaining financial success in your life is The Affluence Blueprint 2.0. You will be prepared to build the prosperous life you desire by following the step-by-step instructions and putting the tactics presented in this program into practice. Don’t pass up this chance to change the course of your financial destiny. Register right away for the Affluence Blueprint 2.0!


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