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Mae Bornillo - Online Business Simplified Program
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Are you an online service provider or social media manager trying to grow your company? The Mae Bornillo – Online Business Simplified Program is the only option. This 12-month mentoring program is designed to assist you in acquiring premium clientele, boosting your self-assurance, and ultimately increasing your income.Nine modules make up the curriculum, each of which focuses on a different area of your internet company. You will investigate your area of expertise in Module 1 and choose a lucrative niche that fits your abilities and interests. The basis for your success in the program will be set by doing this.

Building your premium trademark offer is the focus of Module 2. You will learn how to put together an alluring bundle that highlights your special abilities and draws in high-paying customers. You’ll have a strong offer that makes you stand out from the competition at the conclusion of this module.

Understanding your target group and their demands requires conducting market research. You will learn how to do efficient market research and communicate directly with your potential customers in Module 3. You may now customize your content and marketing tactics to appeal to your ideal clientele thanks to this insightful information.

The creation of material that converts is the topic of module 4. You will learn the techniques for creating compelling content that appeals to your audience and motivates them to take action. You will discover how to produce content that converts, whether it be blog articles, social media updates, or email newsletters.

The technique of direct outreach, which you will learn how to master in Module 5, is effective for attracting premium clients. You will pick up tried-and-true methods for connecting with potential customers in a real and efficient manner, improving your chances of completing sales.

Module 6 focuses on using Facebook Groups. You’ll discover how to find and interact with Facebook groups that are relevant to your business and where your prospective clientele hang out. This program will teach you how to strategically participate in groups to forge connections, establish your subject-matter knowledge, and draw clients.

The prequalification procedure is introduced in Module 7, where you will also learn how to sell through chat. You will learn in this session how to use chat discussions to close business, answer objections, and effectively express your value offer.

Module 8 focuses on making strategic sales calls. You’ll discover how to make sales calls that turn prospects into customers. To help you enhance your sales performance, this lesson will cover effective communication methods, objection management skills, and closing approaches.

The focal points of Module 9 are the Nurture Loop and Follow Up. To improve your chances of conversion, you’ll learn how to nurture your leads and keep in touch with potential customers. You will learn the benefits of follow-up in this module, as well as how to do it in a way that provides value and fosters trust.

Additionally, the course has a Streamlined Client Onboarding Process lesson with guest expert Workflow Specialist Keren Ame. This session will provide you useful tips and techniques for optimizing your client onboarding procedure so that it works smoothly and effectively for both you and your clients.

A thorough mentorship program, the Mae Bornillo – Online Business Simplified Program covers every facet of creating a prosperous online business. This program will provide you the information, abilities, and assistance you need to accomplish your objectives, whether you’re starting out or hoping to grow your firm. Don’t pass up this chance to streamline your internet company and increase success. Join the program right away!


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