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If you’re looking for ways to get clients online for your coaching business, without being salesy or pushy, this video is for you. I’m sharing my top tips for finding and connecting with your ideal clients online.

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I know it can feel really frustrating and overwhelming when you’re first starting out as a coach and trying to get clients online. I’ve helped over 1,000 new coaches build their businesses from the ground up, so I know what strategies work and I’m sharing my top tips with you in this video.


It’s important to promote your coaching business where your ideal clients are hanging out online. You need to be on the same platforms that they are using and participating in the same conversations they are having.

For example, if you’re a career coach, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with potential clients. If you’re a college admissions coach, you should be active in online forums where parents gather to talk about school. And if you’re a health coach, Facebook groups are a great place to find clients.


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