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ABOUT LINDA RAUCH, TAROT READER, SUPER SENSITIVE, AND PSYCHIC MEDIUMLinda Rauch’s passion, life’s work, and inspiration are all centered around working with Spirit. She has had the extraordinary gift of seeing and sensing Spirit since she was a little kid, which has taken her on innumerable spiritual journeys in her effort to serve Spirit and provide healing to people who come into contact with her.

Linda has spent her whole life learning about numerous traditions and honing a variety of abilities to improve communication and serve as a healing bridge for Spirit. She has come across and experienced a variety of phenomena as a Super Sensitive, including out-of-body experiences, plant and animal communication, healing, and crystal healing, among others.

Linda Rauch is a spiritual practitioner who also has a strong expertise in counseling. She had her own counseling business for 10 years, offering assistance and support to those struggling with addiction, mental illness, and terminal illnesses. Throughout her six years at San Francisco General Hospital, she has connected with hundreds of patients in both one-on-one and group settings thanks to her caring attitude and keen comprehension.

With the help of her exceptional sensitivity, tarot reading skills, and psychic mediumship, Linda is able to connect with the spiritual world and provide her clients insightful advice. Linda’s talents and skills make her a superb healer and guide, whether it’s promoting a deeper knowledge of oneself, providing clarity in life’s ambiguities, or communicating with loved ones who have passed on.

Linda Rauch is committed to offering a secure and caring environment for anyone looking for spiritual guidance and healing. She has a sincere heart for serving others and a depth of expertise in both the spiritual and counseling sectors. Each session with Mary is transforming and uplifting because of her dedication to her customers’ well-being and her natural skills.

Linda Rauch is available to lead you if you’re prepared to go on a profound spiritual journey in search of solutions, healing, or a relationship with Spirit. Accept the chance to work with a great tarot reader, psychic medium, and super sensitive, and you’ll be able to unleash the boundless possibilities of your own spiritual journey.



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