Kristina Azarenko – SEO Website Migrations Made Easy (Advanced)

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Module 1: Setting you up for success

Module 2: Website Migration: Uncovering the Must-Know Aspects

Module 3: Stage 1: Building an SEO strategy for the migration

Module 4: Stage 2: Preparing for the migration

Module 5: Domain Migration Specifics

Module 6: URLs Migration Specifics

Module 7: CMS Migration Specifics

Module 8: Website Redesign Specifics

Module 9: Stage 3: During website migration & pre-launch

Module 10: Stage 4: Migration day

Module 11: Stage 5: Post-migration analysis

Module 12 – Advanced: Migrations during business acquisition/rebrand

Module 13 – Advanced: How to help a client recover from migration that went wrong

Module 14 – Advanced: A business side of website migrations (how to sell website migrations)



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