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Why travel to Mexico? Here are five reasons:

1. The women are beautiful.
2. There is amazing online dating.
3. Mexico City is on the same level as Bangkok, Thailand when it comes to meeting local women.
4. You’ll find a lot of variety in Mexico City, with girls from all over the region.
5. It’s easy to find sugar babies in Mexico City.

KingEpic - Mexico Guide
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Why Mexico? 5 Reasons

1. Beautiful Women

– Amazing Online Dating!

Let’s be real, the most important criteria when deciding where to travel is the local women. If a place doesn’t have beautiful women, you’re probably not going to be interested. Mexico (specifically, Mexico City) is amazing when it comes to meeting local women – and online dating. It’s on the same level as Bangkok, Thailand.

If you like girls who are curvy, you’ll even find Mexico City to be superior. And it’s not just Mexican girls. A lot of the girls you’ll meet are from other countries in the region: Colombia, Venezuela, etc.

Something that was a bit confusing at first were girls saying they are “looking for sugar”. “Busco sugar” means “searching for sugar”…






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