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Kim Krause Schwalm – Supplement Copy Boot Camp
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The market for dietary supplements is expanding quickly, and new products are being introduced daily. But not all supplements are made equal, and competing in a competitive industry may be difficult. The three courses included in this series will provide you the information and resources you need to be successful in the dietary supplement business.You will receive a thorough introduction of the supplement market in Workshop #1. You’ll discover the best-selling goods, how to identify a “hot” nutrient, who the target audience is, and the best sales methods and formats to employ. Additionally, you’ll learn about the major competitors in the market and how to stay in compliance with FDA/FTC rules without sacrificing the uniqueness of your product. You’ll also learn about competitor research, using AI technologies to acquire data, and where to discover the finest studies.

In Workshop #2, you’ll learn how to give your supplement promotion the competitive edge it needs to be successful. You’ll discover the degree of market complexity and the need for a distinctive process or proof for supplements. Additionally, you’ll learn how to set your supplement apart from those of your rivals, make the most of your doctor or “guru” to increase sales, and design your promotion so that prospects read or watch it while avoiding frequent blunders that might cost you customers.

Finally, you’ll discover how to circumvent supplement regulations and effectively introduce new items in Workshop #3. You will learn how to negotiate laws, prevent traps, and lay a strong foundation for your brand in this course. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use data to influence your choices, develop powerful marketing plans, and cultivate brand loyalty.

All three seminars are created to provide you the information, resources, and insights you require to be successful in the dietary supplement business. These sessions are essential to attend whether you are a newcomer to the field or hoping to elevate your brand. Therefore, register right away and start the process of creating a profitable supplement brand.



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