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The Strategy Finishing School is a unique program that helps you become a confident and well-rounded strategy master. Created and facilitated by Julian Cole, a leading strategy consultant, the school provides lifetime access to over 80 video lessons, a private Facebook group with over 1000 members, private mentorship groups, and access to Julian Cole’s insider tips and secrets. Whether you’re looking to break into strategy or advance to a leadership role, the Strategy Finishing School can help you achieve your goals.

Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School
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Welcome to the Strategy Finishing School!

Our mission is to help misfits break into strategy and become well-rounded, confident, and overall strategy masters and leaders. Whether you work for an agency or freelance, we’ll help you advance to a leadership role in strategy.

The School includes lifetime access to:

– 80+ video lessons
– Private Facebook Group (1000+ members)
– Private mentorship groups
– Access to Julian Cole’s strategy tips & secrets

So if you’re ready to become a confident, well-rounded strategy leader, join us today!


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