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Writing every day isn’t just about making sales – it’s about so much more. It’s about having a creative outlet that can also help soothe anxious minds, as it did for me. Writing helps to create new ideas, understand what you know and think, and join dots to make new things – like new products, offerings, or a rant about the cost of avocado toast.

These types of results don’t come without having a solid writing process. Mine is simple but it works – and it makes writing enjoyable. If people ask you about your processes, you can point them to this system. So write every day, and don’t be afraid to get creative with it. You never know what kind of ideas or solutions you’ll come up with.

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Writing every day isn’t just about making sales – it’s about creating something new. It’s about exploring ideas, joining the dots and discovering new paths. It’s about creating new products, offerings or an epic 3,000 word rant about the cost of avocado toast. It’s also about finding a way to soothe the anxious mind, without the side effects of other vices.

Writing is the vice that saved my life. That’s why I have a system to help make writing enjoyable. It’s simple, but it works. So take the time to write every day and see what you can create. You never know what you might discover.


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