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In the field of copywriting, we frequently encounter comparable, seemingly insurmountable difficulties. With so many rivals out there, how can we persuade consumers to purchase our good or service? How do we stand out in a sea of noise with our message?Well, there is a cunning copywriting approach that can help you create magic devices, just like the wheelbarrow and holocaust shroud. The best part is that once you figure out this method, you can always find hundreds more.

So tell me, what exactly is this ruse? Finding your product or service’s unique selling proposition (USP) and maximizing it are the only steps required.


I get what you’re saying: “But I already know my USP. Nothing exceptional about it. That’s where the cunning part comes in, I suppose. You must look farther to uncover the secret USP that your rivals aren’t promoting.


Let’s take the scenario where you are marketing a product for weight loss. Your product’s clear USP can be that it promotes weight loss. But given that there are several weight reduction pills available, that is neither unique nor distinctive. Therefore, you must look farther to uncover the secret USP.


Perhaps the all-natural components in your supplement set it apart from the chemical-filled supplements of your rivals. Or perhaps it’s made especially for busy parents who don’t have time to exercise, which would target a certain group and further distinguish it.


Once you’ve identified your secret weapon, you must maximize it. Make it the core of your writing, and place it prominently at the top of all of your marketing collateral. To demonstrate the validity of your USP, use case studies and customer testimonials.


By doing this, you produce a mysterious process that distinguishes your good or service from the competitors. You invade the castle gate, which is manned by 60 warriors, as the wheelbarrow wearing the holocaust cloak.


The best thing is that once you’ve identified and enhanced your USP, you can utilize the same method to uncover other hidden USPs. Keep probing further and identifying more distinctive features of your offering, and before you realize it, you’ll have a full complement of magic tricks at your disposal.


So feel free to give it a go. Discover your secret USP, enhance it to the hilt, and watch your copywriting magic fly.



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