Jeremy Miner – NEPQ Sales Program

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As the world continues to evolve, so does the way we approach sales. The traditional sales model no longer fits the needs of the new economy, and it’s time to adapt. That’s where the psychology of selling in the new economy comes in.So, what exactly do you get when you dive into this new model of selling? Let’s break it down.

First, you’ll learn the 5 principles of the new model of selling. These principles are the foundation of the entire approach and will guide you through the entire process.

Next, you’ll discover the power of NEPQ. This stands for Need, Emotional Connection, Problem, and Qualification. These four elements are crucial to the success of the new model of selling.

The Connecting Stage is the first step in the process. This is where you establish trust and rapport with your potential customer. It’s essential to make a connection before moving on to the next stage.

The Engagement Stage is where the real work begins. This is where you start asking questions to uncover the needs, problems, and desires of your potential customer. The Engagement Stage is broken down into three parts: Problem Awareness Questions, Solution Awareness Questions, and Consequence & Qualifying Questions.

The Transition & Presentation Stages are where you transition from asking questions to presenting your solution. This is where you showcase how your product or service can solve the problems and meet the needs of your potential customer.

The Commitment Stage is the last step in the process. This is where you close the deal and get the commitment from your potential customer.

But that’s not all you get. The NEPQ Black Book Bundle includes the NEPQ Black Book of Questions, the NEPQ Kickstart Crash Course, and the NEPQ Black Book of Diffusing Objections. These resources will help you master the new model of selling and overcome any objections that may arise.

You’ll also gain access to the 7 Figure Call Vault, which is a collection of successful sales calls. This is a valuable resource to learn from the best in the business and see the new model of selling in action.

The NEPQ Sales Challenge is another tool you can use to sharpen your skills. It’s a 30-day challenge designed to help you become a better salesperson and achieve success in the new economy.

And finally, the NEPQ Objection Obliteration Accelerator will help you overcome common objections and close more deals.

To become a legendary salesperson in the new economy, there are five traits you must possess: empathy, curiosity, perseverance, a growth mindset, and the ability to listen actively.

This new model of selling is designed specifically for B2B sales, and it’s time to adapt to the new economy. With the psychology of selling in the new economy, you’ll have the tools and resources you need to succeed.



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