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NEPQ 3.0 advanced sales strategies (objection handling & more!), tone-pacing-cadence coaching, and NEPQ role-play sessions are all included in the NEPQ 2.0 training package.Greetings from the 7th Level Sales Training for 2023! Are you prepared to increase your sales abilities? If so, you can succeed with the help of Jeremy Miner’s 7th Level NEPQ Sales Programme. First of all, you may be asking how much this instruction is going to cost. As per the most recent purchase, the cost of the 7th Level NEPQ Sales Programme is €13,000.

Let’s now explore the features that are part of the NEPQ sales system. This extensive training programme provides you with the knowledge and abilities you need to succeed in sales through a range of courses and tools.


The first section of the programme is called Introduction to NEPQ Selling, and it is broken down into two sections: The New Model of Selling’s 5 Principles and The Psychology of Selling in the New Economy. The groundwork for comprehending NEPQ’s power and how to use it in the sales process is laid out in these parts.


Now let’s go on to The Power of NEPQ, a section that has seven key components that will improve your sales results. It covers crucial phases including the Connective stage, Problem Awareness Questions, Solution Awareness Questions, Consequence & Qualifying Questions, Transition & Presentation Stages, and Intro to the Engagement Stage. You’ll also discover how to get rid of sales resistance, which is an essential ability for overcoming objections.


Let’s now examine the Additional Content area, which is only accessible to participants in the NEPQ 3.0 course. Advanced sales techniques like objection handling, tone-pacing-cadence coaching, and NEPQ role-plays are all available to you here. These elements are intended to hone your sales strategies and provide you the courage to face difficult circumstances.


Sales calls and live role plays offer insightful, practical training. Jeremy Miner and Marco Cortesi, among other industry professionals, will be providing live training sessions and sales calls. You will get knowledge about successful sales tactics and objection-handling strategies from these workshops.


The most recent addition to the 2023 NEPQ training is a component that explores overcoming objections: the Transition & Presentation Stages. It gives you the tools to get beyond the 53 most typical and challenging objections that face salespeople. You’ll be ready to address any objection, from “I need to talk to my spouse/partner” to “This is just too expensive.”


The B2B section provides insightful information on using NEPQ approaches into your B2B sales operations for individuals who are interested in B2B sales. You’ll discover the distinctions between B2B and B2C sales, the value of procedures over scripting, and practical methods for cold calling, making outgoing calls, and fielding incoming calls in a business setting.


Not to mention, the File Vault is a goldmine of information that can help you succeed and flourish. You’ll find all the tools you need to succeed in the sales industry, from advanced scripts and questions to objection management instructions and flashcards.


Therefore, the 7th Level NEPQ Sales Programme is here to help you on your trip if you’re ready to elevate your sales abilities. Its extensive training modules, cutting-edge strategies, and priceless resources will provide you the tools you need to succeed in the sales industry. Don’t pass up this chance to change the course of your sales career. Unlock your maximum potential by enrolling in the 2023 7th Level Sales Training today!



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