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A few straightforward techniques, tips, and hacks employed by engineers on a daily basis.Let’s start by dispelling the myth that high-end equipment or pricey plugins are required for great-sounding mixes. The truth is that while having top-notch equipment doesn’t hurt, your talent and experience as an engineer are more crucial to getting great-sounding mixes.

What are some of the strategies, techniques, and hacks that engineers utilize to produce incredible mixes? Here are a few examples:

1. Leveling: Getting the levels right is one of the most crucial components of mixing. This entails ensuring that each component of the mix is at the proper volume in relation to the others. Using your hearing and following your intuition is crucial in this situation. Until you discover the sweet spot, don’t be scared to explore and test other levels.

2. EQ: Equalization is yet another essential mixing technique. It gives you the ability to control the tonal balance of each component in the mix to produce a consistent and harmonious sound. Use subtractive EQ (reducing frequencies) instead than additive EQ (raising frequencies) as much as you can in this situation. By doing this, you may prevent oversaturating the mix and producing undesired resonances.

3. Compression: A strong technique for regulating dynamics in a mix is compression. It can help level out various components’ levels, which will improve how well they blend together. Parallel compression, which combines a compressed signal with the dry signal to produce a more controlled yet dynamic sound, is a crucial solution in this situation.

4. Reverb and delay: Including reverb and delay in a mix may help the music have depth and space. It’s crucial to employ these effects carefully, though. A mix that has too much delay or reverb might seem muddy and unclear. Utilizing brief, delicate delays and reverbs to evoke a feeling of space without overpowering the mix is one method in this situation.

5. Arrangement: Last but not least, the song’s arrangement is a crucial component of mixing that is frequently disregarded. A well-organized song is significantly simpler to mix than one that is not. Spend some time considering the song’s structure, the location of its many components, and how those components work together.

These are just a handful of the many hints, techniques, and shortcuts that expert engineers employ to produce great mixes. The most important lesson from this is that great-sounding mixes don’t only come from pricey equipment or plugins; they also come from experience, knowledge, and expertise.

I encourage you to check out my in-depth course on mixing if you’re ready to advance your mixing abilities. I’ll cover all I know about producing outstanding mixes in this course, from leveling and EQ to compression and beyond. What are you still holding out for? Let’s start blending!



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