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JUMPA SCRIPT THAT SELLS IN JUST 14 DAYS IS A GREAT PLACE TO BEGIN YOUR SALESAre you having trouble writing a video screenplay that will captivate your audience and increase sales? Look nowhere else! You’ve been looking for a solution, and here it is.

Introducing our in-depth method for producing video scripts, which will assist you in creating a strong script in just 14 days. You’ll gain access to daily video courses, behind-the-scenes information, and useful workbook activities, as well as everything you need to design a “hero ad” that sells and builds brand recognition.


How can our program benefit you?


1. Daily Video Lessons: You will be guided through every stage of the scriptwriting process by our knowledgeable teachers. You’ll discover the methods and tactics for developing a captivating video script, from researching to writing and refining.


2. Exclusive behind-the-scenes access: Watch how we work together on a real client’s film, come up with ideas, and solve problems. Observe how the pros do it firsthand, then incorporate these lessons into your own writing.


3. Useful Workbook tasks: Our thorough workbook, which is over 50 pages long, will provide you practical tasks to aid in the speedy and efficient completion of your screenplay. You’ll be forced to think critically as you complete these tasks and apply what you’ve learned to your own project.


But there’s more! Our course teaches you more than simply how to create a script. We equip you with the information and abilities necessary to master the components of a successful video commercial.


What more will you discover?


– Recognize World Building: Find the look that will make your film stand out from the crowd. Discover how to build a compelling universe that connects with your audience and makes an impact.


– Create a Long-Term Brand: Create a name for yourself that people will remember, love, and trust. Discover how to build a brand identity that appeals to your target market and encourages customer loyalty.


– Grab Their Attention: In the fast-paced world of today, it is essential to grab and hold your audience’s attention. Learn how to attract your audience early on and keep them interested throughout the entire video.


– Pick the Right Jokes: Humor may be an effective strategy in video advertisements, but it’s important to know which jokes will hit home with your target audience. Learn how to choose comedy that complements your brand and effectively conveys your message.


– Plan and Conduct a Writing Retreat: Develop an understanding of the organization and execution of a writing retreat. Learn how to build a collaborative and creative atmosphere so you can generate your best work.


Get unique access to two one-hour sessions of the creator’s discussion. These courses provide participants a thorough understanding of the ideas that went into creating some of our most effective advertisements. Learn important lessons and use them in your own scriptwriting endeavors.


Don’t pass up this chance to become an expert in video scriptwriting. With a script that sells, you may increase your sales to new heights. Join our program right away to experience the benefits for yourself!



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