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Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 4
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Are you sick of having conflicting feelings about your relationships and sex life? Do you want to master your energy and emotions in order to attract the woman of your dreams and have a happy, healthy relationship?Level 4 Awareness Training could be just what you need in such case. In order to provide you with the skills you need to succeed in every area of your life, this extensive curriculum looks deeply into the energy and emotional sides of sex, love, and relationships.

You may obtain the following advantages from Level 4 Awareness Training, to name a few:

1. The most potent new energy method to keep you in HVE no matter what she does and to stop you from being hurt.

One of the most terrible things we may experience as humans is heartbreak, but it doesn’t have to be unavoidable. With Level 4 Awareness Training, you’ll discover a potent new energy strategy that will help you stay in high-vibration energy (HVE) regardless of what your spouse does and help you avoid heartache.

2. The extent of your sex drive’s influence over you and how to exert control over it so that it won’t overpower you.

Our sex drives have the potential to be quite strong, but they may also steer us in directions we might not want to go. The skills you need to regulate your sex drive so that it works for you, not against you, are provided by Level 4 Awareness Training, which aids in your understanding of the profound influence it has over you.

3. How to mentally and emotionally be ready for a fulfilling HVE relationship and sex life.

A good relationship and sex life need energy and emotional preparation if you want to attract the appropriate partner and find genuine joy. You can learn the abilities you need to achieve that with the aid of Level 4 Awareness Training.

4. A thorough energetic assessment of the good, terrible, and ugly aspects of female energy.

Building good partnerships requires an understanding of the female energy’s energetic nature. The thorough examination of the positive, negative, and ugly aspects of female energy provided by Level 4 Awareness Training can help you navigate relationships with more knowledge and comfort.

5. Updating and putting your Level 3 sex, love, and relationship abilities to use.

If you have previously finished Level 3 training, Level 4 Awareness Training will assist you in developing and honing your talents. You’ll pick up fresh tips and tricks for improving your sex life, creating stronger bonds with partners, and finding the ideal match.

How to increase your HVE level in order to entice the woman of your dreams.

In order to attract the appropriate person into your life, you must increase your HVE level. You’ll discover how to do this with Level 4 Awareness Training so that you may attract the woman of your dreams and have a really meaningful relationship.

7. Recognizing the personal problems you are facing that are preventing you from having the sex life and relationships you want.

Sometimes, the relationships and sexual life we want might be hampered by our own personal problems. The Level 4 Awareness Training assists you in recognizing these problems so that you may resolve them and build the life you genuinely want.

8. Acquiring knowledge of the true meaning, influence, and direction of relationships, love, and sex.

To build satisfying relationships and find genuine happiness, it is crucial to comprehend the actual meaning, force, and direction of sex, love, and relationships. You are given the skills you need to comprehend this and put it into practice in your life via Level 4 Awareness Training.

9. To recognize your ongoing improvement, group coaching will be provided at a special session only for this class.

A group coaching session specifically for this lesson is included in Level 4 Awareness Training as an added benefit. As a result, you have the chance to get in touch with others who are traveling down the same path as you and get more support as you develop and change.

Level 4 Awareness Training is a worthwhile investment if you’re ready to advance in your romantic relationships and sex life. You will acquire the skills necessary to create the life you genuinely want thanks to its all-encompassing approach to energy, emotions, and relationships.



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