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George Ten – CopyThinking Community + The Copy Matrix 2024: An IntroductionI’ve been developing a talent for the last 11 years that has enabled me to routinely beat my competitors in the marketing sector. This ability is about training people how to THINK in a way that promotes sales success, not only about writing catchy content or managing successful campaigns.

I’ve tested this talent over the previous five years and had amazing results. Here are a handful of instances:


1. Building a $8.5 million e-commerce shop: I was able to establish a very profitable online store by using smart planning and excellent marketing methods.


2. In less than three months, I sold over $1 million worth of my own course: Even without the benefit of an established organic audience, I was still able to turn a profit margin of 52% and generate amazing sales figures.


3. Spending over $10 million on Facebook advertisements profitably: Despite having little money and no investors, I was still able to conduct successful Facebook ad campaigns by applying my strategic thinking methodology.


4. Helping a customer develop two eight-figure information-based enterprises: I used my special way of thinking to assist a client grow their information-based businesses to amazing heights of success.


5. Outperforming copy controls developed by renowned copywriting and Facebook advertisements companies for SaaS and info-business clients: I have regularly outperformed copy controls created by these agencies, sometimes generating results that were ten times greater.


Many individuals on Twitter became interested in my professional success and started contacting me, wanting to know my secrets. But due to the enormous demand, I was unable to serve everyone. I could not possibly respond to every single one of the 50 direct messages I received every day.


It was evident that more was required even though I was sharing quality stuff on Twitter on a daily basis. I’m thrilled to announce the introduction of The Copy Matrix 2024 and the George Ten – CopyThinking Community for this reason.


Members of this group will have unique access to my knowledge, perceptions, and tactics. Imagine being able to have direct access to the brains behind the success stories and accessing the information that has generated millions of dollars in revenue.


The following are only a handful of the kind of insightful material you may anticipate finding inside the community:


1. How I made $15,000 a month from my first client: I’ll give you a thorough explanation of all the actions I did to get this outstanding outcome so you may follow in my footsteps.


2. Making your prospects fantasize by appealing to their emotions: I’ll go over the precise language and methods you may use to evoke strong feelings in your audience and increase sales.


3. Offering products in a market where there is no rivalry: Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competitors so that you may raise your pricing and boost your earnings.


4. Product launches done right: Discover how I made $305,500 with an outdated list by selling a $47 product. You may attain exceptional outcomes and optimize your product releases with the aid of this tried-and-true approach.


You may access a plethora of beneficial materials, such as live Q&A sessions, unique guides, case studies, and continuous assistance from myself and other community members, by signing up for the George Ten – CopyThinking Community.


Join the CopyThinking Community right now if you’re prepared to reach your full potential and advance your sales and marketing abilities. Together, we’ll transform the way you approach marketing and provide you the tools you need to succeed in your field like never before.


Don’t pass up this chance to get knowledge from an established marketing authority. Enroll in the George Ten – CopyThinking Community and prepare to use your strategic thinking abilities to rule the market.



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