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Full Tech Sales Course
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What You’ll Learn In Full Tech Sales Course?
Course Introduction

(Download) Company Guide
How to Create Your Profile
How To Build a Professional LinkedIn Profile
(Download) LinkedIn Banner
LinkedIn Assignment 1
Introduction To Social Selling
LinkedIn Assignment 2
Intro To Tech Sales Terms Glossary of Terms
The 3 Keys to Success

Positive Attitude
Student Mentality
Work Ethic
Quiz: The Three Keys to Success

Time Management (RVT)
Lead Enrichment
Lead Enrichment Assignment
Outside Prospecting
E-Mail Best Practices
E-Mail Assignment
The 5 Types of Buyers
Sales Cadences
Sales Cadence Assignment
Handling Inbound Leads
Social Selling Conversation w/ Jed Mahrle
How To Handle No Shows
Prospecting Quiz
Sales Pitch Framework

Step 1: Cold Call Openers
Sales Pitch Framework Assignment 1: Cold Call Openers
Step 2: Positioning Statements
Sales Pitch Framework Assignment 2: Positioning Statements
Step 3: The Option Close
Sales Pitch Framework Assignment 3: The Option Close
Tone and Tonality
Speech Tempo
Recorded Assessment Prep
(Assessment 1) Sales Pitch Framework Recording
Sales Skills

Leaving Voicemails
Voicemail Recording Assignment
Getting Past The Gatekeeper
Sales Pitch Framework Assignment 4: Gatekeeper Framework
Overcoming Objections
Overcoming Objections Recording Assignment
(Assessment 2) Recorded Sales Pitch Role Play with Objections

Discovery Formats – BANT
Discovery Formats – MEDDIC
Discovery Formats – PAINT
Discovery Formats Quiz
Building Your Personal SDR Brand
How To Qualify / Conduct Discovery Discovery Question Guide
Staging / Sales Funnel

Sales Staging
Sales Funnel (Outbound Staging)
Staging / Sales Funnel Quiz
Tech Stack

(CRM) Hubspot
(CRM) Salesforce
(Lead Enrichment)
(Sequencer/Cadence Builder) Mailshake
(Scheduler) Chili Piper
Tech Stack Quiz
Final Assessment

Final Project 1: Lead Enrichment
Final Project 2: Email
Final Project 3: Cold Call Role Play



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