Derek Johanson & Ian Stanley – PNS VSL 2.0

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# Week 1: Deep Research. This is the most underrated part of writing sales letters. You need to do deep research so that when you actually sit down to write your VSL it’ll be simple.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use forums, Facebook, google, youtube and more to learn everything about your ideal customer (nothing crazy here, just a smart way to use free research tools to get only what you need and nothing more).
  • How to do competition research to guarantee your message is pinpoint accurate.
  • Everything you need to do BEFORE you write the first word of your message.

# Week 2: Bullets and Creation Stories. You need killer bullets and a good “Adam and Eve” story for you product.

Here you’ll learn:

  • Formulas to write bullets that keep your prospect up at night.
  • The “Wedding Crashers” formula for writing teaser bullets.
  • How to write a story that PROVES your product works.
  • How to write compelling stories that open your prospect’s “monkey brain.”

# Week 3: USP, Unique Mechanism, Offer and Close.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a Unique Selling Proposition that makes your product stand out from all the white noise.
  • The importance of a “Unique Mechanism” and how to write the perfect one for your product.
  • The ultimate Price Reveal formula.
  • The seven letter word you need to understand to write a killer close.

# Weeks 4 + 5: Options, Leads, and Interest Peaking Mechanisms.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use “Options” at the end of your VSL to make people feel like buying your product is the only logical choice.
  • The 8 different lead types to create a compelling hook at the start of your VSL.
  • How to use “Interest Peaking Mechanisms” to make sure people keep watching your video till the end once they start it.

# Weeks 5 + 6: Headlines, Sales Arguments, and putting it all together (technical stuff).

We’ll give you headline formulas that you can use to grab your prospect by the throat and ensure they start your video. And this is where we’ll put the whole letter together and show you how to record and produce your VSL on the cheap. That’s the entire core package.

PNS VSLs will walk you through the ENTIRE process of creating a high-converting sales message and holds you by the hand at every step.

After you complete each group of assignments, we tell you exactly how to plug your copy into a logical sales structure. There will be no guessing on where to include the different elements of your message.

The only other course that does something similar is Jon Benson’s 3x Sellerator software. And that costs $3,000.





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