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I’m a day trader by the name of Sean Dekmar. I am the Head Trader of DekmarTrades, one of the largest day trading chat rooms in the world, thus I’m not just any day trader. We have amassed more than 15,000 members overall over the last three years, and I have delivered speeches at trade conventions all across the nation. I even appeared as a guest speaker on the American Investor Show, where I gave thousands of people access to my knowledge.But I’m not only passionate about speaking about trading; for the past five years, I’ve been a full-time day trader. I took on the Small Account Challenge the previous year, and in only six months, I was able to transform $4,000 into $80,000. Furthermore, I didn’t keep my accomplishment to myself; I live-streamed every trade and displayed all of my independently confirmed profit and loss statements.

I’m now raising the bar even farther. I want to start with $3,500 this year and develop it into $100,000 in only six months. And I’m not just depending on my own abilities; through the Complete Trading Course, I’m also imparting them to you.

You will learn the fundamental techniques required to succeed as a day trader in this course. You can put the abilities you learn in practice thanks to the way the 10 separate course portions are divided. You’ll discover what actually works in the market right now and how to be ready for stocks in a way that puts you in a position to succeed.

However, you must possess the fundamental abilities before you can even consider becoming ready for a stock. Because of this, the Complete Trading Course begins by teaching you the fundamentals of day trading and then progresses from there. You’ll know exactly where to start and how to approach trading with confidence by the time you’ve finished the course.

So join me on this trip with the Complete Trading Course if you’re ready to advance your day trading. Let’s make your aspirations of financial independence a reality.



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