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But Irvin chose to try a new strategy rather than give up. He was aware of the worth of his product, but he still needed to figure out how to expand his market and boost sales. When it happened, he recalled a childhood secret he had learnt from his grandpa.His grandpa was a successful businessman who always highlighted the need of cultivating ties with clients. He thought that if you looked after your clients and treated them like family, they would return and bring in additional business.

Irvin made the decision to include this time-honored technique into his company plan. He began treating his clients like family and put a lot of effort into cultivating close bonds with them. He went above and above to provide them outstanding customer service, swiftly responding to their queries and worries, and making an extra effort to assist them with any problems they may have had.

The outcomes were astonishing. In addition to continuing to visit Irvin’s website, his clients began directing their friends and coworkers there as well. As his sales started to treble, he was able to resign from his position as a scientist and devote all of his time to growing his company.

Irvin’s website is now a big success, and his product is generally regarded as a must for builders in the building sector. And it’s all owing to the time-honored technique of cultivating enduring connections with clients.

Therefore, don’t undervalue the potential of developing connections with your clients if you want to grow internet sales. Give them outstanding customer service, treat them like family, and go above and beyond to meet their requirements. Even though it’s an old school trick, it nevertheless works wonders in the modern digital world.

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Irvin didn’t give up however. He kept adjusting his strategy, getting suggestions from savvy businesspeople and marketers. Additionally, he discovered an old school trick that completely changed his company and doubled online revenue.What was its formula? It was written in copy.

Copywriting is the art of influencing people’s behavior via language. And it has long been an essential component of effective marketing. However, it’s often disregarded or underestimated in light of the development of social media and other digital marketing strategies.

But Irvin understood the effectiveness of copywriting. He put forth a lot of time and effort to master the profession, studying the writings of luminaries like Claude Hopkins and David Ogilvy.

And he started incorporating their ideas onto his own website and promotional materials. In order to persuade potential customers to make a purchase, he created headlines that caught their attention, composed material that spoke directly to his target demographic, and utilized persuasive language.

The outcomes were astonishing. His sales soared, and he immediately outperformed his profits from the prior year.

But the fact that Irvin’s copywriting method is still effective today is what’s most astounding. While marketing strategies may evolve with the times, the fundamentals of powerful copywriting never change.

So, if you’re having trouble boosting online sales, follow Irvin Cornthwaite’s lead and harness the power of copywriting. Apply the rules of compelling language to your own marketing materials by studying the works of effective copywriters.

You can double your website sales with the appropriate strategy, just as Irvin was able to do. And you can achieve that by using a tried-and-true method from your high school years that still works now.



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