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What You Acquire

First Week: Introduce Copywriter CEO – Get access to The Copywriters Launchpad, a success guide with brief instruction, real-world examples, and swipes.
. Make a name for yourself as a sought-after launch copywriter.

Week 2: Specialized Sales Resources
. Get access to Proposals that Propel, Mastering the Sales Call, and Creating Your Framework.
. Find out how to differentiate yourself from the competition by utilizing your special sales assets.

Week 3: Hiring Customers: Get “Warm” Cold Pitch Emails, Safe Collaborations, Social Media Posting Plans, and Customer-Attraction Strategies.
. Learn practical methods for appealing and locating customers.

Week 4: Onboarding Clients – Get access to the Kickoff Call Processes, Official Onboarding, and The Moment a Client Signs.
. Discover how to successfully onboard clients and create the conditions for fruitful partnerships.

Week 5: Conducting Research – Learn How to Conduct Research Interviews, Access Money-Making Market Research, and Snip Copy for Making Every Call.
. Learn how to carry out in-depth research to produce copy that grabs readers.

Week 6: Sales Page Mastery – Learn how to write every component of your sales page by using Prep, Organize, Perform + Perform, Optimize, and Personality (Double POP!).
. Discover the exact steps needed to create sales pages that convert well.

Week 7: Sales Page Mastery – Learn how to write every component of your sales page by using Prep, Organize, Perform + Perform, Optimize, and Personality (Double POP!).
. Explore the art of crafting convincing sales pages in greater detail.

The playbook template document, all sales page samples, and writing guides for headlines, hooks, arguments, and social proof have all been included.

Week 8: Offboarding Clients – Get access to If Projects Go South, Delivering Your Sales Page, and Off-boarding Clients.
. Discover how to complete tasks and guarantee client happiness.

Week 9: Audits of Sales Pages – Obtain swipes for Audit Deliverables.
. For optimum effect, learn how to examine and enhance sales pages.

Week 10: Evaluations + Added Assistance
Acquire access to more reviews in order to meet the demands of members.
– Get more help and direction as you progress with your copywriting career.

Bonus: Exclusive Group for Assistance & Responsibility – Become a part of an exclusive group of like-minded copywriters to receive assistance and responsibility.

Bonus: Three Live Coaching Calls – Take part in three live coaching sessions with professionals in the field.

Bonus: Get insightful comments and critiques on your text in the form of reviews and critiques.

Bonus: AI Powerups – Get access to AI-driven resources to improve your copywriting abilities.

Bonus: Obtain access to Dani’s exclusive copywriting files, templates, client films, and swipes. Gain unique access to Dani’s personal tools to advance your copywriting skills.

The WHOLE content bundle required to enter the realm of confident sales page copywriter conversions.



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