Colin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business

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What You Get: An in-depth manual on purchasing and establishing a businessAre you seeking for a new opportunity because you’re sick of your daily grind? Have you ever thought of purchasing an existing company rather than establishing one from scratch? In this blog article, we’ll discuss the advantages of owning a business and give you a thorough rundown of what to anticipate as you start out on this thrilling path.

Starting Out: Why Buy Before Building

Starting a company from beginning may be challenging. It takes a considerable lot of resources, time, and work. However, there are several benefits to purchasing an existing company. We’ll go over some of the benefits of buying a business as opposed to starting one from scratch in this section.

Creating a Legal Entity in the US

It’s crucial to comprehend the legal ramifications of business purchase before becoming engaged. We will walk you through the process of creating a legal corporation for your company acquisition venture in this part. We shall pay close attention to the conditions and steps involved in creating a legal corporation in the US.

Selecting a Niche

When it comes to purchasing a business, determining the appropriate niche is essential. We’ll provide you some great advice and pointers in this part on how to pick the ideal niche for your purchase. We’ll look at several things to think about, such market trends, competition, and individual preferences.

Do I Use a Partner or Search Alone?

It might be difficult to decide whether to look for company purchase opportunities alone or with a partner. We will address frequent queries and issues about this subject in our Q&A section. To assist you in making a decision that is in line with your aims and tastes, we will provide you a variety of viewpoints.

Is a Technical Co-Founder Required?

Having a technical co-founder might be useful when purchasing a firm because the technology environment is continuously changing. The significance of having a technical co-founder and the possible advantages they may offer to your acquisition process will be covered in this Q&A section.

Uneven Capital Contributions with a Partner: A Query

When working together to buy a firm, it’s crucial to handle possible problems like unequal capital contributions. We will discuss approaches and fixes for coping with unequal capital contributions in this Q&A section. We’ll provide you useful guidance to make sure your relationship is equitable and fruitful.

Purchasing: Tracking Down the Ideal Business Opportunity

It’s time to start looking for prospective company prospects now that you have a strong foundation. We will provide you an overview of various sourcing techniques and platforms in this part. We’ll talk about well-known markets, brokers, and other resources that might assist you in finding the ideal firm to purchase.

List Building & Emailing Guide for Proprietary Sourcing

Proprietary sourcing may change the game if you want to go beyond conventional sourcing techniques. We will walk you through the process of creating your own list of possible acquisition targets in this part. To assist you in efficiently contacting these prospects, we will give you a detailed emailing guidance.

Scripts for outgoing emails

Your chances of receiving a response from potential sellers might be considerably improved by creating the ideal outbound email. We’ll give you tested email scripts in this part that you may use as a jumping-off point. These scripts are created to get the sellers’ attention and demonstrate your interest in buying their company.

Finder’s fees must be paid

To link you with possible company sellers, you might occasionally require the help of a finder or broker. We will go through the idea of finder’s fees and how they operate in this part. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of engaging finders and provide you useful advice on negotiating and structuring finder’s fee contracts.

Live Example of Building Outbound Target List

Building your outbound target list may be greatly aided by seeing real-world instances. We’ll give you a practical demonstration of creating an outgoing target list in this section. You can better grasp the procedure by following our instructions and hearing the justifications for each stage.

Making Notes for an Outbound Target List

Along with the live demonstration, we’ll provide you thorough instructions on creating an outgoing target list. You can use these notes as a reference manual to make quick work of the procedure.

Template for Outbound Acquisition Targets

We have created an outbound acquisition targets template for you so that you may keep organized while the sourcing process is in progress. You may successfully monitor and follow your possible acquisition targets using this template.

How to Locate a Local Company to Purchase

This section is for you if you would rather buy a local business. We’ll provide tips and tools to assist you in locating nearby companies that are up for sale. This guide will assist you in locating the ideal neighborhood company to purchase, whether your goal is neighborhood exploration or local economic support.

Q&A and Live Sourcing Session

We will organize a live sourcing session where we will show you how to source a business in real-time so you can have a hands-on experience. You’ll get the chance to ask



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