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Are you prepared to explore the fascinating realm of creating enamel pins? You’ve found it! All the information you want to begin your enamel pin adventure will be covered in our extensive course, ENAMEL PIN-CIPLES. This course is intended to help you learn the fundamentals—or pin-ciples, as we like to call them—and advance your pin designs, regardless of your level of experience.

What can ENAMEL PIN-CIPLES offer you? Let’s examine this:

1. Video Format: You will mostly get the course in video format, which will facilitate your ability to follow along and understand the ideas visually. For your convenience, each chapter could also include a PDF download for any additional information you might require.

2. Detailed Handbook: We’ve got you covered from start to finish when creating pins. From concept generation to actualizing your enamel pin design, our in-depth guide will help you every step of the way.

3. Design Guidelines: It might be difficult to create artwork that looks well on enamel pins. For this reason, we give you design standards so that you may produce beautiful artwork that is worthy of being pinned. Discover the techniques that will help your designs stand out from the competition.

4. Selecting the Correct Manufacturer: It’s important to select the correct manufacturer for your enamel pin collection. We will assist you in locating the ideal manufacturer capable of producing high-quality designs that you have in mind. Embrace the end of your production headaches!

5. Illustrations of Spoke-like Designs: Take inspiration from real-world examples of Occasionalish’s pin designs. Discover how they were planned and carried out, providing you with an inside peek at the production of successful pins. Allow your imagination to be stimulated and inspired by these examples.

6. Marketing Advice: Making amazing enamel pins is just half the fight. We’ll provide you pointers and tactics on where and how to advertise your pin company. To improve your chances of success, learn how to contact your target audience and market your pins successfully.

7. Action Prompts: We’ve provided action prompts in each chapter to help you remain on task and advance. You may use these prompts to pinpoint the precise activities that you must complete at each stage of the procedure. As you strive to assemble your ideal pin collection, maintain your motivation and organization.

8. Ask the Expert Questions: Do you have urgent inquiries about the pin-creation process? You will be able to get guidance and insights from the expert behind Occasionalish. Learn important advice and insights as you explore the world of enamel pins.

9. Bonus Downloadable Content: We’re providing downloadable content as a unique bonus that will make it easier for you to enter the enamel pin industry. With the time and effort these extra resources will save you, you can concentrate on what you do best—make great pins.

Are you prepared to go on an adventure with enamel pins now? Come learn the techniques for making your own gorgeous enamel pin designs by enrolling in ENAMEL PIN-CIPLES. There are countless options available, and we’re excited to see what you come up with!



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