Caleb O’Dowd – 7-Figure Mini Group Mentorship Program – 15 weeks 2023 Full Course

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Expert in marketing and advertising, Caleb O’Dowd has produced some of the most popular online seminars. Gary Halbert, a late renowned copywriter and advertising genius, served as his mentor and collaborator when he began his career in marketing. Caleb afterwards transitioned to newspaper advertising, where he for a number of years ran as the biggest direct response advertiser in America.

Caleb’s success in the direct response sector led him to the CPA marketing sector, where he operated a company that generated between $3 and $5 million per month and had multiple top offers on the networks. Then he applied his marketing expertise to webinars, where his last two webinars alone brought in close to $20,000,000.

32 people make up Caleb’s team now, which includes media buyers, copywriters, content producers, social media managers, product developers, a tech team, a customer service team, project managers, coaches, an accountant, and an attorney. He has established himself as a leader in the marketing industry, and his clients benefit from his knowledge and success.

Caleb not only works in marketing, but he also speaks in front of audiences at seminars and conferences around the nation. He is a fervent supporter of the Internet’s potential and how it can be used to benefit companies of all sizes. He is passionate about using the Internet to help both individuals and businesses thrive.

The experience and knowledge of Caleb O’Dowd, a pioneer in the marketing industry, contributed to his success. He has a track record of accomplishment in the marketing and advertising industry, and his success is just increasing. He serves as a motivating example for those aspiring marketers and successful business owners.


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