Brian Anderson – Recovery Profit System


Brian Anderson – Recovery Profit System
Brian Anderson – Recovery Profit System $997.00 $35.00

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What You Get:

A 5 Module Course that will teach you all about the ERTC and how to easily demonstrate the incredible value it can bring to businesses.

1. ERTC CliffsNotes: Get a complete overview of the ERTC program, its benefits and how to get the most out of it.

2. Getting to the Money: Learn the best ways to monetize the ERTC and maximize your profits.

3. Sub-Agent Model: Discover how to build a sub-agent network and create more opportunities for your business.

4. Generating Leads: Learn the best strategies for finding leads and turning them into customers.

5. Profit Pinnacle: Understand the high-level strategies for creating a successful ERTC program and maximizing your profits.

Live Calls: Get personalized, one-on-one guidance from experienced professionals.

Sample Docs: Access templates, tools, and other resources to help you get started quickly.



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