Brennan Dunn – Mastering Convertkit 2023

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Module 1: Getting off to a good startIn

In the first module, we’ll set you up for success with ConvertKit. Our team will teach you the basics of the app and show you how to use its features in the best way. That being said, we will also make the case for the nurture and pitch structure that 95% of online marketers should use.

We will not only teach you how to make an automation plan, but we will also show you how to change it to fit your needs. If you get off to a good start with ConvertKit, you will have better results in the long run.

Module 2: Use changing opt-in forms to get even more followers.

Getting leads is important for any online business that wants to succeed. We will talk about smart, divided, and personalised opt-in CTAs (calls to action) in Module 2 to help you get more users every day.

There will be a lot of information in this section about how to get more followers and keep them. You can get the attention of your target audience and get more people to join by using changeable opt-in forms. You can grow your business to great heights with these tips.

Part 3: Learn more about your customers and what they want.

Personalization is a key part of marketing that works. Step 3: Learn how to better understand your customers and what they want. You can make emails and sales pages that really speak to your readers by getting to know your audience and then dividing them into groups based on what they need from you.

We will also talk about lead scoring, a strong method that can help you find your best users. If you know more about your audience, you can give them information that is more relevant to them, which will keep them interested and increase sales.

Module 4: Getting people to trust you

For long-term success, you need to connect with your viewers. In Module 4, we’ll show you how to make onboarding and teaching automations that are thoughtful, personal, and build trust with your users.

You will become a recognised expert in your field if you consistently publish high-quality material that speaks to your audience. People who subscribe to your email list will say nice things about your content more often. This will help you build trust, which will lead to more loyal buyers.

Module 5: Personalised pitches help you make more sales

There needs to be a plan for selling to your email list. If someone is ready to buy from you, Module 5 will teach you how to send them smart, personally relevant emails instead of vague sales emails.

You can get more sales by using segments and making sure that your products and services meet the needs of your customers. This lesson will teach you how to make personalised pitches that connect with your audience and bring in more money for your business.

Step 6: Stop the “email hamster wheel”

Module 6 is all about getting your time and energy back. You will be able to work on your business more and spend less time writing content to keep the lights on.

You can handle your email marketing and focus on what’s important by using personal Offer Funnels and setting up “Shadow Newsletters” that never expire. This module will teach you how to stop making new stuff all the time and instead make methods that work for you.

Module 7: Making your success even bigger

This is Module 7. We will help you get even better at what you do. This feature is all about helping you increase customer value and improve your conversion rates. It does this by doing A/B testing and automatically pitching your audience on goods or services they haven’t bought yet.

With ConvertKit, you can get even better results and have even more success by fine-tuning your strategies and marketing efforts.

Come with us on this life-changing journey as we go into detail about each lesson and give you the skills and information you need to succeed in the world of email marketing. Sign up now to get the most out of ConvertKit for your business.



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