Bree Melanson – Beyond Form

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You will be astounded at the internal change that has occurred by the end of this training. You will have discovered the keys to overcoming self-defeating tendencies, removing hidden communication barriers, and attracting more harmonious love. You will be able to access the wisdom you require, live in your flow state, maintain emotional equilibrium, and let go of collective fear and generational pain. Not only that, but you will also understand your soul’s potential and mission with absolute clarity. You will be in constant alignment with your greatest timeline, have an unbreakable connection to your intuition, and develop into your own source of intuitive advice and healing. The greatest thing, though? You won’t ever need to use a coach or course once more!

If you feel called to elevate your job, financial situation, or leadership role, this course is for you. It’s for individuals who are eager to embody their fullest potential and want for a direct line of communication with their intuition and the world. This program is for you if you’re a coach, healer, or creative who wants to do more for your community.


You will have access to resources that help you ultimately let go of ingrained, outmoded views as you progress through this course. You will mature spiritually and take on the ability to materialize that has always been a part of you.


Are you prepared to realize your full potential and improve yourself? Join this program right away to begin your path to change and self-discovery.



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