Boyuan Zhao – E-commerce Email Masters 2.0

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Boyuan Zhao – E-commerce Email Masters 2.0

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Getting Support

For Freelancers (Path To Scale)

For Agency Owners (Path To Scale)

Account Setup

Account Auditing



Emails Explained

What Is Emails?

Interpreting Email Metrics



Email Capture

Email Capture Strategies


How To Use Quizzes To Capture More Emails



Email Creation

Plain Text Or Design Emails?

Email Design Modules

Email Copy Modules

Copywriting Frameworks

Copywriting Research

How To Communicate Email Designs To Graphics Team

Email Design Inspo Swipe File




Graphic Design

Graphic Design Intro


Email Design Basics

Color Theory


Visual Hierarchy


Design Thinking

Live Designing

Animations in Email Design

Visual Moods

Email Design Tools

Learn by Copying

Adaptive Email Design

Tips, Tricks and Resources



Acquisition Flows

Welcome Flow

Abandoned Checkout Flow

Abandoned Cart Flow

Abandoned Product Flow

Abandoned Click Flow

Abandoned Open Flow



Retention Flows

Customer Thank You Flow (Linear)

Customer Thank You Flow (Product-Based)

Customer Winback Flow

Customer Upsell Flow

Sunset Unengaged Flow



Campaign Planning

Content Calendar Planning

How To Never Run Out Of Ideas

Campaign Frequency

Holiday Campaigns – Best Practices With Examples

Announcement Campaigns – Best Practices With Examples

Content Campaigns – Best Practices With Examples

Sales Campaigns – Best Practices With Examples

Doubling Down Strategy For Sales

2 & 4 Day Double Down Strategy

Black Friday & Cyber Monday




Do This If You Haven’t Sent A Campaign In A Long Time

What To Do If Your Deliverability Is Bad/Dead



Decision Making

How To Optimize Flows

How To Optimize Campaigns

How To Optimize Pop-Ups

How To Fix Each Metric



Communication & Reporting

Client Onboarding

Communication Principals



Project Management

How To Manage Accounts Using Notion

Notion Demo




Sales Page


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